Tuesday 30 March 2010

nearly egg time!!

Yes... its nearly egg time!! We've got our dining table dressed up with twigs from the garden and eggs hanging off it... No colour theme.... as I think.. all eggs look fab...

This one is my priced possession... Sits proudly on the center / coffee table... in a pretty tall glass.

This is a real egg, hand painted all the way from Romania!! More on this one later...

The girls have prepared a little center peice for their table as well... The bunnies are awaiting...

and so are we.... waiting eagerly... for our chocolate filled Easter eggs... Hope you have a thoughtful Holy week.... and are gearing up for Easter!!

Sunday 28 March 2010

Simply elegant...

I am a huge fan of simple and clutter free feeling to a home. I like the use of simple & elegant colours and unusally simple decor. I'm sure by now you all know... I'm totally in love with wall art!! Look at the full picture below to see the detail... It covers nearly one fourth of the wall and looks awesome!
The colours make the home look airey & warm! The use of a rug & dark wooden table holds the room together... Can you spot the pebbles in the table?
On the other side, is the TV unit!! The use of light & greenery.... is simply amazing. The plants are on the outside of the room.... love the use of glass here!! Sure makes the room look bigger!!
This is a home (villa) designed by Vistaar Associates. I like the textures of this sofa & cushions.
I have featured a simple & stunning home make over & salon & spa interiors before. Do have a look. Leave your comments, so I know you were here... and you liked this home.

Friday 26 March 2010

Weekend inspiration

Its my first calm weekend in a while... no house guests, no birthday parties... no social events, nothing!! I woke up early... really early (3 am!).. to clean, clear & sort. You think I'm obsessed?? Probably... But the next three weeks are going to be absolutely mad at work, and I just cannot enter the mad season with so much clutter around me.... Anyway... I've completed all the home work.. and have now moved to cleaning my pc & external hard drive.. and have found truck loads of stuff... things I'd forgetten existed... from maps, to travel guides of places on my holiday wish list, to hotels I'd like to stay in, short trip I'd like to go on, to decor ideas - ranging from book shelves to bedrooms, to outdoor inspirations... Gosh... so much to show you guys....!! Anyway... here is an image (I dont know from where)... but I can see myself seated on that chair today!! I like the earthen pots, the chest, the table, the chairs, and above all the orangish wall.... It looks like a hotel, isnt it??

Wednesday 24 March 2010


I’ve been extremely busy the last few weeks and have truck loads of catching up to do!! This weekend is hopefully going to be the first quite weekend in ages… really!! I have a small but growing pile of magazines & books I’ve been hoping to atleast hold & glance at!! As you can tell… I am soooooooooooo waiting for the weekend! Anyway, I’m at home today…. and glancing through… the February issue of Inside Out. Reading about Hala Al Madfai, owner of H&H Design Mark LLC, a firm that specialises in merging Eastern & Western influences in its interior design and architectural concepts.

The picture reads ‘Tanjia in Dubai Festival City, was H&H Design Mark’s first ever attempt at designing a Moroccan themed restaurant’. I don’t know if you can tell from this image… but I love the lamps, the turquoise colour & the alphabets hanging from the ceiling. Do you like anything about this image??

Saturday 20 March 2010

Co-blogger find (March)

I’m enjoying the co-blogger posts. Absolutely amazed by the talent out there …. Have you seen the February & January posts?? Ethnic Indian featured my home last month… her blog is full of Indian décor ideas!!

2. Entertaining from an Ethnic Indian kitchen is a blog by Komali Nunna. She talks about cooking & entertaining and sets the most beautiful tables.

Do visit her site http://www.komalinunna.com/ and while you are there, look at the book as well.

Re-design is an amazing design & architecture blog. Like I said earlier, you can easily identify the professional designers!!

Simply breakfast is a collection of photographs… of everyday breakfasts.. Its eye candy!

Wally’s paper is one of my favourite blogs… She is a great person and has re-launched her blog.

Hope you enjoy looking through these blogs. I’m not good at browsing… so if I haven’t found you or featured you as yet, do write me a small note on torresp27@hotmail.com

Wednesday 17 March 2010

My Home, My Magic – home tour Mar 10

Ana is an amazing artist... and the corners of her home show off the artists in all her magnificence!! All her art work is displayed at 'Ana Gonzalez'
Her home in Spain show cases her work of art... put together with so much warmth & love!!
I absolutely love home tours…. Peeping into homes of real people… with real dreams & real hopes… each corner blessed with lots of love and showing off each ones individual style…
Love her stylish displays… Also the way this frame is resting on the table & not hanging on a wall!!
Spot the painting above... and the wall paper below.... Put together beautifully...
Don’t you just love the view... ? and the wooden trimmings?

This is my favourite pic.. I could sit here forever...

Her website, currently under construction… you will need to wait a while!! But it clearly states 'Have a look around and get yourself Inspired' – so mark http://anaglezpintura.com/ Have a look around and get yourself Inspired. Hope you've seen Meenakshi's Niwas (Feb home tour) and Ms. Ahalya's home (Jan home tour). If you’d like to see share pictures of your home or would like to show off a a cozy corner do email me on torresp27@hotmail.com … I’d love to hear from you!!

Sunday 14 March 2010

Vasu's Cherishing Space...

In my last post… I said – you can easily tell the professionals in blog world. And Vasu from Cherishing Spaces is one such amazingly talented person. She is an interior designer and even teaches at various design institutes.
I’m sharing a few pics from her space.. I cherish!!
Cherishing Spaces is a marvellous neighbourhood of ideas.
I am amazed by her simple ideas and how her magical creativity changes the ambience of a space with whatever is already existing.
Cherishing Spaces also includes easy & creative craft ideas.... When you have an old furniture and do not want to dispose it....think of ways to re-use it beautifully, check her blogs for awesome ideas...
Vasu transforms a room by just re-doing corners and creating her magic.... Go on a magical journey on Cherishing Spaces....

Thursday 11 March 2010

Design IQ

Design IQ is one of my favourite blogs... You can easily identify the professionals ... Seriously!! Go on check out Design IQ if you dont beleive me... Do check out my home featured there.....
Hope you liked her feature... as much as I did... Thank you for the lovely words.... Thank you!!

Tuesday 9 March 2010

Sneak peek

Have you been to Anu’s Dream Canvas?? Anu stays in Seattle and is extremely passionate about interiors & travel, both of which reflect in her home. But……… Before I take you on a tour of her home, thought I’ll quickly share a few beautiful corners of her home...... And this is what she has to say about the lovely corners...
Red roses, there is nothing quite like it!! Using an old silver or brass curio as a vase can dress up your flower arrangement and make it make it look special….
Diyas and candles placed around my home for Diwali. I have placed a round candle on an old brass spoon. Hope you like it…

I like blending the old with the new, traditional with the modern. Here is a brass Ganesha from India placed with an art glass candleholder made by an artist from British Columbia.

Bet you cant wait to see the rest of her home??
Write to me if you have a corner as beautiful as hers..... on torresp27@hotmail.com

Friday 5 March 2010

Tinker & Pirate party

Me & my party company… *wink* have organised a ‘tinker bell’ party before, so this one was a walk through….. Except… we did ‘tinker & Potter’ and this time around thought ‘tinker & pirates’ were more appropriate… Yvonne’s 5th birthday celebration… here is the card – Tinker everywhere….
Tinker piñata… with the wands in the background.. The girls made the wands…
The girls transformed into fairies… with wings & wands...
The pirate costumes…
The boys looked amazing… and were even given swords at the end..
The cake… had tinker sitting on top…

Some decoration…
We experimented with a dessert table… that looked awesome!! More pictures on another post….
The cup cakes were splendid…!! So contact me for cupcake orders in Dubai….
The tote bags….
The girls contributed by drawing on the tote bags… sticking the ‘thank you’ notes… and even sprinkling some pixie dust…
All in all… a lovely party.. The kids had fun and so did we… Look at the other parties we’ve organised – Flip-flop theme birthday & Dora the explorer theme party!! Don’t forget to leave your comments… I just love to hear from you!!