Friday 31 January 2014

an inspired mommy - Shyamala

After working for the IT sector for nearly a decade, Shyamala decided to become a full time mommy….. 

“I was always interested in music, art and crafts since childhood, my mother was the reason behind it.”

After the first few months after child birth, I felt the need to get myself engaged and I got working on jewellery. Initially it was only beaded ones and then I heard of terracotta jewellery for the first time. But I didn't have clue of how to procure clay and get it cured and stuff, and I was desperate to try it and thats how I found Air dry clay on a website that sells art and craft supplies.

“I have not learnt terracotta jewellery making, and sometimes I think its better that way. I like doing unconventional designs and I might lose the ability to do that, if I learnt it formally. Designing jewellery from clay is a very very interesting craft and takes enormous patience and energy. It means much to me, because I learnt it  by myself and that brings me a sense of pride. I have sold my work to close friends and relatives and try selling my work on craft websites, but business is a much more than how it appears I guess.”

Isn't this inspiring? 
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Wednesday 29 January 2014

My Home, My Haven ~ Alka

Well the year has started with a bang... with some stunning homes from around the world.. Today, we go to Alka's home in Bangalore... an absolutely stunning and shocking home... Shocking... coz I never imagined white could be so beautiful... 

 I am Alka Murdeshwar, a homemaker working voluntarily for an NGO based in Bangalore.  We bought this apartment three years ago, and designing it was one of the most fulfilling tasks in my life. The d├ęcor was worked around the different artifacts we had picked up over the years during our travels in India and abroad,  I deliberately chose white and dull yellows to give the expanse of space, and create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

What you see here is the Cocktail cabinet and mirror picked up from Fabindia.  At the far end left, the painting of the Afghan girl who went missing and was rescued after 17 years, is one painted by my niece.

The formal living room with artifacts from Kenya and Sri Lanka co-exist amicably with desi fabindia buys.

Finally of our breakfast counter, we got the kitchen wall knocked off to create this, and I love the open feel my kitchen has, I feel connected to the rest of the home while cooking!

Last, but not the least...  the dining nook which is housed on the shorter side of the L shaped room.

Have  you seen a home as gorgeous as this??

Well... if you've got a home to show me.. email me on Im waiting to see your home.. *smiles*

Monday 27 January 2014

Store Review ~ Sanctum

Sanctum is a furniture and lifestyle store specializing in shabby chic, vintage, retro and industrial designs.

What they are ?

Offer you something to personalize your space in this bustling city, to find your unique identity – and we do this with objects that add a touch of nostalgia…of warmth, to your everyday life! At Sanctum you’ll find signature pieces and accent furniture, classic and old world home accessories, candles, mirrors, lamps, crockery and furnishings, including work by new and established designers.

Some of our products are old and have been treated and upcycled to give them a new lease of life…we call them our battle scarred veterans. Cheerful kitchen and bar accessories from world renowned brands jostle for space with stationery and other utilitarian items like clocks and storage bins…all elevated to functional art! Stationery, bath & body products and new surprises ever so often await you at Sanctum.

Come visit our happy place…our Sanctum! Open all days 11am-8.30pm

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Friday 24 January 2014

Aparna's home

Today, I'm taking you upstairs today... here is the view when you look down...

the passage connecting to the backyard... has memories...

a memory wall indeed... *smiles*

Bathroom on the first floor.... 

Living room on the first floor.... 

You do agree that this home is simply wow... wow!! Do post a comment... and let Aparna know what you like or love... *smiles*

Wednesday 22 January 2014

My Home, My Haven ~ Aparna - Part 2

Part two of Aparnas home is simply more interesting... 

Ariel view for you today.... 

by night... 

making it simple....

Did you notice the lotus on the table?

The stair case from the living room... leading to the first floor... 

The colour of the ceiling is very imaginative... *smiles*

The area leading to the 1st floor.... 

Shall we go to the second floor then?? Well it will have to wait for another post... *smiles*