Tuesday 29 October 2013

Guest post Decor in a snap

Here is a Diwali guest post from Sujatha of Snap decor

This Diwali why not we go green and gold?  Reuse boxes and turn them into decor pieces using gold wire and some fancy beads. Here is how.. To start with, wrap the boxes in some nice paper. I use two types of gift wrapping paper, a brown one with gold block print and over it, a patterned tissue paper. To stick the paper use  mixture of fevicol or similar adhesive mixed with water. This is as good as decoupage medium. Let dry overnight. Then use some gold wire like I have shown (available in all craft and fancy stores) to decorate. This wire can be cut easily with ordinary scissors. Using a simple design template like I have done cut bits of wire, shape them and stick them with glue such as fevibond or dendrite. Finally add the fancy beads and stick them with the same glue. Let dry completely. Since this is handmade, it is okay if the design is not perfectly symmetrical. It just adds to the charm of handmade things.
You could spray varnish over the box and let dry overnight or better bonding and longer lasting effect. 

If you like what you see, hop on to Snap Decor

Friday 25 October 2013

some Halloween fun

Orange makes me happy. Although this time around, I dont have much orange at home... I've gone to blues and purples... but the random orange light.. always bring a smile... 

And Halloween always does that.. spooky as it seems... 

So last weekend, around the Eid holidays, opening up old boxes of decor and arranging them around the house... was such a stress buster *smiles*

Do you like these bats? The girls cut them and coloured them last year.. I just saved them :)

Oh.. and this is my new find... from Home Center.. Orange bottles of happiness.. 

So tell me what you think..... of the bats on my wall... LOL

Monday 21 October 2013

Is it Halloween yet?

Last week, my girlies had gone over to their friends house... 

So what do you do when you are free.. or rather.. what do I do?? 'clean, clear, de-clutter'.... LOL.. and then redecorate. 

Well... so unplanned.... but so awesome... 

Open the box of last years decor... and randomly lay them out around the house... to make it look like this??

So go on.. and tell me what you think? or tell me if you like what you see... 

This is my new find.. The bottle from Home Center and the little orange tea light holder from Tschibo... for just AED 9. Now isn't that a steal?

The little black halloween lights are from Bangalore... all the way from Blore.. Ramya got these for me.. *smiles*... So nice to have such a lovely bunch of family & friends... *sigh*

and all together... some randomness... But who cares... I love it.. Do you?

More on this this week... watch this space for more....

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Jewellery Artists Dubai

Meet my super talented friend Harshi ... and her fabulous festive collection called 'Deewani' collection...

These gorgeous pieces are on her store

Some of these simply call out to me... with peacocks... and lotus'!! Its as though these were just made for me *smiles*

Well and finally my favourite hoops.... Aren't they simply gorgeous? 

Recently, I met the girl behind Rainz Adorns, another extremely talented jewellery maker in Dubai. She is not only talented... but the nicest person I've met in a long long time. Isn't it lovely to meet such nice, smiley, happy people.... 

Handmade & handcrafted jewellery has surely come a long long way.. 

Look at these gorgeous pieces.. 

I'm buying the one below... for a very close friend of mine... Do you like it?

Well... if you like what you see... You should hop over to their stores... Rainz Adorns & Harshi

Leave them a comment and motivate the *smiles*

Monday 14 October 2013

Peacock happiness

Hello my lovelies… I haven’t been here for a while. I just simply have nothing to say *smiles*

This year has been rather rough on me!! Im going through ‘all time low’… Honestly I am!! I lost two people this year who were ever so dear to me… my dad and then my gran. I never imagined a life without dad or gran, and now when he isn’t there on the other side of the phone… I just feel lost & lonely. Some days, I wish heaven had a phone *sigh*

But this isn’t all… a few of my friends have been ill, some others had accidents… And to top it all, a guy at work was diagnosed with lung cancer. Although he was diagnosed two years ago, then claimed he was cured (don’t ask how!!), collapsed three weeks ago. He was on ventilator for two weeks, and now is back and has been discharged from hospital. But docs say, it’s the last stages. He’s got a few more weeks to go. I’ve been constantly thinking about him, talking to people I know… doctors, friends, spiritual healers… anyone who I think can help, get him into hospital for radiotherapy. He should finally get an appointment this week. I’m relieved!! But the whole episode of talking to so many people, narrating the same story over and over again, getting someone on the other side to either hear me out… or atleast try and help…. has kind of affected me… What is this life really worth?? !! Why do people simply not care for each other? Why don’t you do, the smallest of thing… to help someone? Why are we so selfish? Why is it that we have to associated ourselves to a bigger cause? And be part of something big? Why cant we just help random people we meet in our day to day lives?

Anyway……….. enough!! Enough of me moaning and groaning… That’s not what this blog is about… *sigh*…

When Im low, very very low, the one thing that gets me back on track is rejuvenating walls. Yes, restoring, reenergising, resurrecting. Ooohh!! Such strong words. *smiles*

Now here is what I did this weekend…

Now thats what the room ... looked like... 

And with a little help from the awesome team at 'Kwikdeko' ....

These went on the wall... Was super easy... no effort at all.. 

I know.. I could have painted them, but Im just super lazy. But I tell you what... no one believes this is a sticker... its as good as paint.. Trust me.. when I say this!! :)

So do you like it ?

I'm always in love with peacocks... they make me super happy...

This week will be well spent... painting more walls around the house... so watch out for some fun *smiles*.. 

Friday 4 October 2013

Shubho Mahalaya

There is something about Durga Puja that I am in love with...

Don't ask me why...

As a child, I always wanted to be a part of a grand (GRAAAAND!!) Durga puja celebration.

And from my home to yours....

May Maa Durga make all your dreams and wishes come true this year...

Thank you for joining in my Durga Puja celebration….