Saturday 21 February 2009

Rebecca's Home (Part II)

Once again… featuring Rebecca’s holiday home in Cyprus. Being a home in Cyrpus, which is the third largest Mediterranean island, I think her home is highly influenced by Mediterranean style.

Homes decorated in this style (I’m no style guru, this is the little knowledge I have on this subject matter) are inspired by the elements of nature and the décor is very earthly.

In her living space, I love the influence of red. In the eyes of Feng Shui the influence of colour is an important aspect. In China, decorating with the colour red brings good luck and is the colour of fortune. So here is wishing Rebecca good luck always!!

Note the area rug ties together the living area. Look at the lovely bed rooms. Once again maintaining the simple, yet elegant décor.
If Rebecca's holiday home is so beautiful, can you imagine what her home must look like?? Thank you for sharing your home with us.

Friday 20 February 2009

Rebecca's home (Part 1)

Adele (my friend) shared these pictures of her friend Rebecca’s holiday home in Cyprus. I instantly fell in love with the simplicity of the décor. Honestly, its such a personal touch… so simple, yet so tastefully done.
I love the four Buddha’s in the frame. This is in her bedroom. My favourite are these lamps. The stones that stand next to it have been picked up from the beach in Cyprus. How lovely!!
Birds around Rebecca’s home!! More posts on Rebecca’s beautiful home to follow..
Yes… you can tell I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop!!

My home

I'm so excited... Finally this Photoshop is making some sense to me!! I know what you are thinking... what's the big fuss! I felt a bit primitive when everyone I spoke to was photoshopping their pics and I had NO clue what they were talking about. Yes... my profession is not really one of the most creative!!
This is what I did today... made a collage of a few things around my home! Hope you like it! I know I have lots to learn....

Monday 16 February 2009

More table essentials

A few more pic...
I’m a bit obsessed with dolls…
I'm still searching for more stuff that I can beautify my table with...

Table essentials

I’ve always said… that my orange wall and my centre table are the two places I love to experiment. When the melancholy feeling creeps into my heart, I open my Pandora’s chest and re-accessorise my coffee table.
Here are a few ideas –
Let me know what you think....

Sunday 15 February 2009

Lets have some tea

My morning cup of chai for two –

Friday 13 February 2009

The Redness.... oooh!

So what is all this fuss about Valentines day?? Why do you really need a day to celebrate love!! I have the answer (or atleast my answer!!)… At home, we have an eight seater dinning table, and on a normal day my husband & I have dinner for four, six, eight… and some days even more than eight!! And that’s why the two of us need A DAY to STOP, appreciate each other and have a dinner for two!!
Welcome to my home… which is all set for a fabulous dinner – All I did is converted my coffee table, coz it seats only two. I used cushions as seating… (I love low seating!!).
A bottle of red wine – yes RED wine!!!
And just two glasses..
I just love candles… they can change the mood & ambiance instantly.
Write to me – let me know what’s special in your home –

Thursday 12 February 2009

Red again....

As promised here are some more ideas for Valentines table decor. I’m one of those people who need a reason to change a style or décor in my home. The reason can be anything from Christmas to Diwali, or Valentines day to St. Patricks day… or just about anyone’s birthday!! My orange wall and the centre / side tables are my areas to express the unique ways in which I can put a few things together. Truth is… anyone can randomly pick a few items around their home, put them together, sprinkle a little bit of love (being February)… and voila comes the talent of home making!!

Here are two ideas for your bedside table. A photo frame and a candle on the bedside table and the passion and loves seems to be gushing !!

Note how by just using different types of candle holders, the room can be enhanced! I still don’t know why red??!! But while we are showcasing ‘reds’, here is a pot pourri of bits and bobs from my storage box – I love glass painting! Look how the colours speak for themselves. The next three images are dedicated to the newly wed couple – Rose & Ara.
If you think… my blog is way too RED, I promise to have different colours for Valentines next year! Sadly for 2009, there is more red to come.. Watch out for the Valentines special…

Wednesday 11 February 2009

Red for Valentine

I kept thinking… why red?? Why red for Valentine? Why not Pink? Blue? Green? Why red?

I believe red is the colour that signifies strength, power & passion. It is he most powerful of colours. It stands for love, blood, revolution.., now isn’t that enough power? Red presumably grabs the most attention!! Its ironically speed combined with a dash of danger. Red is vibrant, volatile & explosive.

My little knowledge of Feng Shui states that red is the colour of the element fire. It brings energy into your environment. Fire is the symbol of divine energy. It can be both destructive & constructive / creative. You need to balance the colour Red in your house. Red holds the energy of the sun & life. Chinese believe this to be the colour of love, luck, happiness & wealth. It is the sign of richness & luxury.

So I though I’ll spice up my room with the colour red… and here is what came out of it.

Thank you Rose… for being a part of my madness (as usual)!! Two ideas to decorate your bedside table for Valentines ! A red candle can zing any room. Hope all of you are preparing for Valentines – I’d love to hear from you!! More post on Valentines dekor to follow... so keep reading!!

Friday 6 February 2009


While its February and we are still on the topic of love... I'd like to blog a few items that showcase love in my home. I've actually shortlisted the top three.. And the entrance of my home is this two-seater bench. A tiny mark on my wall, became a weekend project that turned into this lovely orange wall!! I would love to take the credit for painting it myself... but I did such an awful job that my brother Arafat had to do the amazing correction!! This is my favourite wall and I love experimenting with it... every now and then! Here are the two hearts – On the way to our bedroom (in the passage way) is the paintings of Radha-Krishna (my version of them!).Perhaps no other faith glorifies love like in India. Indeed its hard to miss the many legends and paintings that illustrates Krishna’s undying love for Radha. It is the most memorable of all times. In my bedroom is this lovely work of art, by an artist unknown. It’s called ‘the music of love’! This was a christmas gift from my brother Sunil. Can you see the guitar?? Waiting to be decorated is my center table. As I love changing the dekor on it every now and then. Awaiting Valentines day are these lovely flowers and candles. Some more posts on Valentines day to follow! Do let me know what you think !

Tuesday 3 February 2009

Welcome February... and I feel as though love is in the air. I'll soon be bringing out the red colours to spice up my home with its additional warmth..

Sunday 1 February 2009

Peak into my nest

A sneak peak into my home….. I always have loads of stories to tell!! Hence I chose blogging… The story behind my painted walls is so long that the pages of my blog are not enough. The yellow and orange walls, being my inspirations, but the hard work of a lot of people. So thank you – Lesley, Arafat, Amrith & Rose…. for always being a part of my madness. This is what you see as soon as you open the doors to my abode .. The Ganeshji was a special gift from my brothers – Sunil & Lesley, all the way from their Bangalore trip. I instantly fell in love with HIM, and cleared everything else to give Him this most prominent place. This did not survive the travel. It took a few days and two pair of hands (mine & Sunil’s) to get this to where it stands today.
Can you tell…. That we’ve recreated it?
Can you see my love for colours... The orange and the yellow merge...
Orange is my new favourite colour. I do a lot of experiments on this wall all year long and will post a few of them in the coming months. Currently it holds, three paintings gifted by Savitha Aunty… all the way from Delhi.
Sit down and hold your breathe before you enter my home.
These bells hang on the inside of my door… Ooh! The welcoming sound of these bells ringing..
As you can see… I absolutely love bells !
This is the view when you are ready to walk out… The green pot is a gift from Mumbai, from my friend Karishma.
Oh… Warli (the art form) inspires me. It depicts the everyday insignificant yet meaningful lives of villagers!! More introduction to Warli in my coming blogs… so keep watching.
My younger daughter rings the bells (remember, I love bells). Don’t miss out the mini bells. This Ganeshji, all the way from Mumbai – thank you Alita! As you can see… the entrance of my nest (and the passage to my life) highlights the love of the people in my life! Welcome to my home… Colours and corners of my living space to be showcased soon. Do let me know what you think, suggest or comment or just write to me on