Monday 11 November 2013

Home Tour ~ Esther

Welcome to Esther's gorgeous little home... filled with love, warmth, character.. and so much more.. Theres a lot to see... and admire.. so be prepared... *smiles*

Esther blogs at Demure Decor and there are loads of DIYs to see on her blog.. so hop on for a bit.. 

Esther made these hanging bottles of money plant by learning from a DIY project.  The painting at the back is done on a broken piece of marble slab that was thrown away. 

 I love the ethnic look of this room.  This is the living room with a view of the balcony. The living room is very small so the french doors make the room bigger and brighter.

Can you see how she has used this in her balcony?  This was an old rusted sewing machine stand.  Esther painted it cherry red and kept a piece of discarded marble slab and on top of that she kept the bottle of money plant. The teddies have been added by her daughter, who obviously is a little decor enthusiast herself... *smiles*

The living room is separated from the dining room by a wooden partition.  You can also see the bedroom from the living room.  The partition helps to keep away prying eyes.

The partition was custom made.  The wooden is from packing material.  The colourful painting on the partition is done by Esther and adds to the cheerful look of the room.

From the living room you can see the paintings on the bedroom wall.  This is a close up of the two paintings.  One expresses joy and the other is a peaceful village scene.

This is a very colourful corner in the bedroom.  

The glass painted windows of the bedroom.

The dining corner. It has got a lot of interesting items.

This a close up of the wooden panels which hide the fuse box.  The panels were cut by the carpenter.  Esther did the painting on the panels and hung it like a little curtain.

This is Esther's daughter's arrangement.  It contains her little knick knacks and the drawing on top was done by Esther.  However the frame was painted by the little girl herself.. 

Do you like what you see?? Post a comment... *smiles*

Friday 8 November 2013

Home tour ~ Rupa

This is Rupa's home in Bangalore... welcome... join me with a cup of tea... 

I love to see homes... that looks like homes that are lived in.. and not homes that you see in magazines... homes that reflect the person you are... and show off your love for all things beautiful... 

Beauty is indeed.. in the eyes of the beholder.. 

I truly love the warm colours of this home... each piece of wood... selected with a lot of love.. 

and here is what Rupa has to say...
I am a very big fan of ethnic Indian decor.
I love the Indian colours of yellow and red and especially love the colour of mud and clay that are the basic materials for most Indian sculptures. Most of my decor bring in the traditional flavour of India. I love collecting Lord Ganesh in any form of art. Diyas or traditional lamps bring about uniqueness in ethnic decor.

I am very comfortable in living amongst antique wooden pieces.

My home reflects my personality and my passion in Indian decor.
I have attached few more pictures of my home.

So if you have a home to show off about... email me at

Tuesday 5 November 2013

festive lights

And ofcourse the festivities last for a while... *smiles*

I love lighting candles in this lotus holder... its like the best thing ever!! LOL

Oh... a glimpse of our rangoli... The diyas wouldnt stay... coz it was way too breeze... but we used coloured rice this year... Do you like it?

And my chamak challo... with smaller rangolis that they did during the day... 

It does feel lovely to have candles lit everywhere... 

Hope you all are having a blessed Diwali... season.... 

Sunday 3 November 2013

Happy Diwali

Wishing you all a very happy Diwali... and posting a few images from my home... 

We are having a quiet Diwali... 

My little gift boxes for anyone who drops by... My friend Harshi made all the sweets.... She totally rocks.. *smiles*.. and my mom and little one Yva... helped put the boxes together.. 

Oh.. and the little ganesha bottles are handmade by Arcilla... 

This is how the dining table looked... life's incomplete without a lotus.. *smiles*

And this is my new find... a lotus container.... what happiness... till the lotus in the water.. starting burning... 

Hope you all have a blessed day... Lots of love...