Wednesday 30 September 2009

Colourful terrace

I’m inspired by courtyards & open spaces that are extremely well utilised. At Bab Al Shams, they had seating on the terrace…. That looked like this. What do you think?
I love the colours & the lamps. It looked beyond fabulous by night….
This is the balcony of my room.
I’ve been extremely tied down with work in the past week and so want to go back here and just relax…. A hot cup of tea & me… seem to fit here just right!!

Thursday 24 September 2009

Lamps & Lights

I am a true admirer of lamps & candles… infact just light in general… in any form. Here I’m sharing a few pics from Bab Al Shams yesterday. The lamps & lights so oriental & traditional and just beyond beautiful…
I’d love to have some of these in my home…. What about you??

Sunday 20 September 2009

Pink Wall

Painting a wall or two is a big part of our Diwali or festive preparations.... We had some pink paint (this is definitely pink! - rani pink.... I know there are a few in my household who think its Red... anyway!!!) So with the extra paint, we painted the wall adjacent to the Yellow wall... This is the passage that leads to my bedroom... These shells were a gift from Rose from her Goa trip (about two years ago!!) I finally found a home for them...
What do you think of my painted wall??
Krishnaji stands and plays the flute on the little table. The little diya (nearly camouflaged).... was a gift from Laly (my office colleague) from Kerala.
Do you like my pink wall???

Friday 18 September 2009

Countdown to festivities….

My countdown has begun?? Has yours?? Anything starts with a spring cleaning session and a few bags to charity… Cleaning upholstery & painting the walls and giving a few walls a different colour. Then I decide on a colour scheme… that will stay with me till January. Last year, it was yellow & orange!! Be creative and mix & match any colour… Once that’s decided then the accessories, flowers, candles & everything else follows the same colour scheme.. Bring out the artist in you – put out candles in glasses, trays, boxes, old pots or anything else that you can find. Paint a few old pots or boxes and bring on the festive sparkle in them… Don’t forget lighting – open old boxes of fairy lights, lanterns, diyas, oil lamps and all other forms of light that you can think of… Don’t forget to add some floating candles & diffusers…. And see how it makes a difference!! Make a list of things you need to buy… and shop for… so you can get it at a bargain in the next month!! Are you having guests for dinner ? – family or friends? Decide on what to cook and how to set the table….
Don’t forget to starts shopping for gifts… Most times.. I even start shopping for Christmas gifts as early as September or October!! Switch on the fairy lights…. Bring out the Gods… and let the festivities begin!!

Thursday 17 September 2009

Weekend candles....

September for me is a very eventful month. Its the beginning of celebrations in our household..... starts with my moms birthday this month, loads of birthdays in October, November & December.... and above all Diwali, Christmas & New Year.
Its a month of bringing out all my candles & candle stands..... These pics are from last weeked.

Do you know what this is??? Sav (my brother) & Kankana (my friend - think she'll get upset if I dont say - my sister!!).... got this for me!! And I dont even want to tell you from where!!

Monday 14 September 2009

Kids room


Isn’t it nice to surprise your kids with a room make over as they return back from their holidays!!! That’s exactly what Winny & Vivian did. Here is a glims of the painted room… 6049_129699663296_677003296_2456257_7848100_n






Do you have a painted room or a painted wall that you’d like me to feature here. Drop me a note…

Thursday 10 September 2009

Wall Art

This is my weekend inspiration… follow on from my earlier post on Wall Art. I am sooooooooooooo super inspired by the blogger community over all… I’d like to share with you, a new blogger friend.

Nikheel is a bundle of talent. His blog is a new personal favorite… and the wall art below is a miniature showcase of his creativity & artistic imagination.

An eye for design with the simplest of boldness in his work. He has not used stickers or digitally made images / artwork, rather directly sketched this on the wall using pencil, black markers, crayons, etc.




Inspired by him… I’m soon to attempt drawing butterflies in my kids room.

Don’t forget to check his blog!! And feel free to share your thoughts.

Tuesday 8 September 2009

Iftaar party

All festivities & celebrations have a story behind them. In our household, behind the Iftaar party there is a special – close to our heart story!! Anyway… I won’t bore you with my stories….. Every year, during the holy month of Ramadan, we have an Iftaar party atleast once…. This is where our family get together & have an evening meal… (no… we don’t really fast…!! – but don’t tell anyone!!) followed by chit-chat, gossip…. probably a few games – Scrabble or Pictionary !! At the end … we have a great time!!
Last night, we had our annual Iftaar party !! The candles were lit…. the music was playing in the background… And the atmosphere just right for a lovely get together!!! All the food was specially cooked by my brother…. And here are a few pictures I’d like to share with you all….

The food... not only looked spectacular... but tasted scrumptious... I'm sure you'll agree!!

Friday 4 September 2009

Weekend inspiration

September is a month of sorting, clearing, cleaning, painting, re-arranging & re-decorating in my home.... Stacking all the goodies from our holidays, then preparing for Diwali & Christmas. Weekends are the busiest days of them all.... So here is me... quickly sharing my indian inspiration.. So what are you doing this weekend?? or this month?

Wednesday 2 September 2009

Happy Onam

Happy Onam to all.... We went to my friend Unni & Sunila's house for Onam lunch. We had traditional food from Kerala and we ate on a banana leaf. I didn't carry my camera, so here are a pic from my mobile phone cam!!! This is a beautiful flower arrangement that Sunila made.... and I will attempt to replicate in time for Diwali...
Thank you Unni & Sunila.... the food was excellent...
Its true that friends make celebrations colourful....