Saturday 29 May 2010

Tête-à-tête with Meera Sethi

Introducing our new series ‘Tete-a-tete with …………..’ … featuring someone we admire and would love to know more about!! You can be an artist, photographer, home maker, blogger, or just yourself… Have you heard about Meera Sethi?? She was featured as my co-blogger find in Jan. Did you check her blog?? Meera Sethi is a visual artist who loves to work all mediums - acrylic paints, pencils, fineliners, graphic design & even photography. She lives & works in Toronto & New Delhi…. Her love for bright colours was what attracted me towards her work… Rose decided we should feature her in our new series of posts ‘Tête-à-tête with Meera Sethi’… Hope you enjoy this!! 1) Your Firangi Rang Birangi series is a bold creative proclamation of the style and mindset of immigrants abroad. What made you decide to create this series and raise an awareness on the creative personality of this group of people? Firangi Rang Barangi came about spontaneously. It was literally a moment of looking at a large blank sheet of paper and wondering what to draw. For a while now, I have been interested in documenting the unique second generation South Asian style I see around me. I think it is an interesting moment in time, where what was once (and to some extent still is) a distinct clash of cultures, come together to form a new identity. One powerful way in which this identity is expressed is through clothing, fashion and style. Firangi Rang Barangis are people who are unapologetically claim the privileged position of “colourful foreigner”. I had first planned to do this through photography, but then as this work began, I switched gears and found the creative possibilities of painting endlessly exciting. With painting, I can embellish and create any fabric and accessory I want.
2) Similar to your paintings, your photography style is very switched on and vibrant with color. The Madam Fly series is a collaboration between you and 2 more artists. How do artists like these find themselves and embark on these creative collaborations? “Madam, Fly.” was a collaboration between model Nira Kehar, Stylist Rashmi Varma, Make-up artist and hair stylist Ashima Kapoor, and myself as photographer. Rashmi, Nira and I, all from Canada, all in Delhi at the time, knew each other prior to the shoot. We were each more excited than the other to express our visions and collectively came to what became “Madam, Fly.” I think with all of us having an insider/outsider perspective, our visions were quite aligned. In general though, I do believe like minds intuitively find each other to make their dreams reality.
3) The concept behind the Madam Fly series is the leisure woes of an upper middle class Indian housewife, coupled with Indian items of beauty. How did the concept behind the Madam Fly series originate? “Madam, Fly.” was in some ways a very familiar project for me. As a frequent visitor to and partial product of India, I have interacted with have been fascinated by Indian items of beauty, Indian products and basic objects of Indian design and craft. As an adult, while some of these objects remain functional, many have slipped towards nostalgia. The project was interesting because it played in this area between function and nostalgia, and with items that we were all familiar with such as the parandhi, the bidi, the chapal and the mosquito net and combined it with a level of contemporary fashion only accessible to upper middle class women.
4) Your independent company, MISC, is a smart and savvy endeavor. How did you start it and what were the initial hurdles you faced? MISC or “Meera Sethi Creative” officially began two and a half years ago when I registered the company name. Unofficially, you could say it began as far as ten years back to as recent as this year! Sometime early this year, I realized that the process of starting an independent company in which to make and promote my art and design was in fact very organic. Although I knew long ago (when I was 5 actually, and drew my first self-portrait, with so much emphasis on what I was wearing) that I wanted to make art and was interested in fashion, it was only two and a half years ago that I really took that leap and decided that if I was really going to share my vision during my lifetime and see it grow, I had better start immediately! So I quit my full-time job, came to Delhi for 3 months, and returned to Toronto to “set-up shop.” My initial hurdles have been both external and internal. Externally, the hurdles have been financial and practical: paying bills, making time to create, finding adequate space, handling all aspects of a business, finding work/life balance, etc. Internally, the hurdles are more vague. Even though, I have always had the support of my family which has been a blessing, I found my own belief in my art to waiver. The internal inquiry and self-reflection that is required to believe in yourself is challenging. Some days are of course better then others, but each day, I must remind myself that what I am doing has a purpose and a future. This is where trusting in the process of your own development is key. Without trust, you can not let go and dive into the work. In this way it is scary, but also exciting.
5) With such a vast clientele, it would be wrong to ask if you have any favorite clients, but what have been the projects close to your heart since you began MISC? MISC is an amalgam of all types of projects and clients from one-on-one work with helping someone develop their own vision for their own company to enabling large organizations creatively express their vision. Each project has had its place and which each project I have developed my creative skills or learned a new aspect of running a business. The projects closest to my heart though have been the ones where I can be my own boss, namely my art! I find now that I design so that I can create art. Having the freedom, skills, resources and vision to make images is really what is closest to my heart.
6) What kind of projects are you looking at during 2010? Will you be doing any travelling outside of Canada? Funny thing about travel is that I actual begin tomorrow! I am heading to New York to meet with some galleries and gain new insight and inspiration into my art. I have always been fortunate to have the privilege to travel. Of course travel broadens my perspective but it also gives me that much needed space to let ideas grow, morph and meld in my subconscious, always allowing me to have greater vision, clarity and excitement when I return. In 2010 I am continuing to develop my “Firangi Rang Barangi” series and have begun work on a new series of work that interprets the idea of the Bodhisattva. I am also hoping to adapt some of my earlier drawings from “Textlace” and “Sacred Geometriks” to tshirts and other garments.
7) All your work, be it photography, painting or graphics; is a proud shout out to your heritage and your current life. Many artists in Canada and around the world must take great comfort in your success and feel more encouraged to showcase their own talents. Many more artists will be reading this now by means of this blog. What is the message you would like to impart to budding artists, the world over? Just keep at it. If you really want to do something, just keep at it in whatever small or big way you can. The more steps you take forward, the more the path will open up to you. Trust in that. Most importantly however, practice loving yourself, all parts: the good, the bad and the ugly. The more you break down those internal walls, the more the external ones will break open for you.
Meera would be delighted to answer any questions you have on misc [at] meerasethi [dot] com or visit her at MISC
Also have a quick tour of Meera’s house featured on The Key Bunch.
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Thursday 27 May 2010

Finding Nemo

I’ve been looking for ideas for the kids room…. Project only scheduled for August!! I came across this beautiful ‘Finding Nemo’ room at a furniture shop… and was amazed at how the display designer not only displayed the beautiful furniture, but the accessories to go with this room. The paintings on the wall were just beautiful... I did double check that it was not wall paper!
Isn’t it a lovely theme for kids… I'm impressed... are you??

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Co-blogger find (May 10)

Sometimes I wish there were just two more hours in the day…. Would give me time to do so much more!!! I want to post so much….. or do so much on this blog….. but its last in my priority list!! OK!! Enough of complaining!! I’ve found 3 new blogs this month… and want to reintroduce you to my old favourite blog…. The pictures & writing on this blog transport me to another world… so if you want to be mesmerised… check Celebrations Décor….
Here are 3 co-blogger finds for the month.... All three blog are simply fab with awesome ideas..
Go on… follow these blogs… and encourage our new friends in blog world. Its simply awesome to share ideas…. Now… if I haven’t found you as yet… (coz I’m not good at this browsing business!!)… send me a mail… and I’d love to look through your bundle of ideas..

Friday 21 May 2010

My Home, My Magic - home tour May 10

Are you as impatient as me?? And just want to see all the images before reading what I write!!! Well… I don’t blame you… Doesn’t this image speak a lot about the person I am going to introduce to you??? This blog is my emotional rollercoaster for the day… some posts make me laugh, some cry, some THINK!!, some just envy…. Yes envy… coz the writing is soooooo good.. and I cant write half as well!! I’m talking about The Quaint & Luminous life of a Cha Lover
KG is my oldest blogger friend…. Now I know her as Aparna. She has a lot of faces and in one of them she is a Stylkist (don’t ask me what that is…. Go check it out yourself)….
This is her lovely home in Sydney… I simply love and admire how simple… yet elegant her home looks…. Did you think… that basic furniture could look this good?? Well it needs the KG touch!!
I adore the reading space…. And would love to have such a space in my home…. Just for me.. The wicker is perfectly matched with the colourful cushions around it… Love how awesomely the different colours & shades fit into this beautiful home…
The whiteness of KG’s kitchen is simply beyond my imagination… All the little knick knacks from her collection… simply blend together so gorgeously…
The fusion of different colours of wood…. Colours of textiles…. and the modern touch reflects upon the vibrant personality that lives in this home…
This room is my favourite… immediately reflects soooooooo much love.
Oh… last but not the least…. The striking back yard!!!
That’s all from my vivacious friend… and her vibrant home… and if you don’t believe me….. see her blogs for yourself… The Quaint & Luminous life of a Cha Lover and Stylkist – Stylish by design !!

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Dancing Ganesha

New addition to my house – this beautiful dancing Ganesha. Its simply gorgeous…. weighs 20 kils…. And has come all the way from India. Infact, my cousin Nithyu carried this for me…. I have no words to express how I feel!!
Ramie picked the wonderful cabinet He stands on!! Its actually a CD rack…. The wooden carved drawers are intricate and beautiful.
Here is a full view...
Do you like my new addition??

Sunday 16 May 2010

Orange home

Saw this on a Dubai based website... and instantly loved the orange walls....
Its a riot of colours.... isnt it lovely??

Wednesday 12 May 2010

My Home, My Magic - home tour April 10

Yes! Yes!! I know it’s not April….. but I completely forgot to feature my April home tour!! Do you remember the sneak peak into Anu’s home?? Thank you Raj for sending me a mail and reminding me that her home tour is incomplete…
I love the ample dark wooden feel to Anu’s home….
And am simply amazed by the little artefacts & marvellous corners that create Anu’s special magic.
Spot the brass ladel... and the little sparkles that make the home very Indian!!
I wont bore you anymore... and will leave you with her amazing, picture perfect home..
This is the foyer..... so welcome in!!
Anu is an avid photographer... and this is how she recreates her magic!!
Anu blogs at My Dream Canvas.... where she shares her enthusiam on home decor, travel & photography.... and anything else close to her heart.... !!
Do you have a corner as pretty as Anu's..... do share it with me on