Monday 27 December 2010

Festive tabletop

Oh! how I love festivities.. Love the twinkling lights, noisy relatives, random clutter, glasses filled with jello shots, cocktails & mocktails, … and lots and lots of food… .... not to forget the desserts ~ cakes, candies, macaroons, cookies and more... I love the reflection of the pretty lights on the floor…. I’m going to miss all this..
My festivities are incomplete without candles… So on Christmas eve, this adorned our dining table… I love floating candles as well… the shimmering lights… so dreamy!! *sigh*
Here is a final look at my tree… Every year I plan to change the colours on the tree… however red & gold always win!!
This is my last post for the year… signing off… till New Year!! And wishing you all a bright, sparkly, joyful & prosperous new year!

Saturday 25 December 2010

Christmas Cheer!!

Merry Christmas every one!! Are you all having a good time?? So tell me about all the lovely gifts... A peak into my Christmasy home... On the bar... santa awaits you with a bottle of wine!

On the bar counter... the little santa is a bell... Very well used yesterday... *smiles*

You've seen this before... Random tinsel, stars and ornaments... in a pretty jar!!

Just before the party... I changed the centerpeice to include floating candles... Pictures to follow tomorrow...

Added a little bowl full of chocolates in between a wreath... And that made for a new table top!! Do you like my two spoons?? I'm linking in to these parties!

Can you see the red rug?? (in the background)

Here is wishing you all a Merry Christmas!!

Friday 24 December 2010

Christmas Wishes

Hello my lovelies… are you coming home to visit me this Christmas??

Welcome… to my humble abode.. I didnt have too much time for Christmas decorations this year... Most of the ideas remain in my head.. and hope to be implemented for next Christmas....

My brothers put up the tree.... and the girls and I randomly put up some decorations... Have a look.. and I sure hope you like what you see...

My little santa awaits ....

The bigger one will hopefully get me loads of gifts this year...

The tree... my brothers did a good job.. isnt it??

Here is wishing you a Merry Christmas... from my home to yours... *hugs*

Thursday 23 December 2010

Reindeer Art

This week I have really nothing to post as such because my son's winter break is on and most of my time is devoted to keeping him busy.
My son's school had a Christmas bazaar on the 13th of December, for which I was hosting a game stall. Keeping the Xmas theme in mind, we came up with a 'Stick the nose on the reindeer'. Pretty much on the lines of the popular party game which is Pin the tail on the donkey; this game was a winner from Minute one.
I drew the reindeer out on a chart paper with a touch of gold paint to give it that spot of grandeur :)
Kids were swarming over to take their turn and it got a bit tiring for me in the couple of hours :) Worth it totally though.
Happy holidays all and merry Xmas !! May Santa bring you all the gifts on your wishlist and hope all your dreams come true this festive season !! - I'll see you all in 2011, adios :)

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Incredible India!!!!!

Yay!! I'm so happy.... Shanthi is back in time for my last weekend wrap up!! Did you miss her as much as I did!! I wait eagerly for her weekend wrap up posts.. followed by a few email exchanges.. Makes me feel... like I have found a new friend in Norway! Yay!! *smiles*
Over to Shanthi ~~
Just back in time for your last weekend wrap up. Guess what I did , shopping and more shopping and more shopping J . I was busy wrapping up my India tour packing and getting set to come back to Norway. Here are some of the wonderful things I picked up in this trip and hmmmmmmm we are only allowed to carry 20 kilos. I am in a hurry to send this so I will let the pics speak.
Cool wine stoppers
a table top tray
Ganesha perfume diffuser
loved this hand to scratch my back - used a lot when in India :-)
Finally managed to hang some frames on the wall before I left I have two wonderful paintings that need desreve a blog post of their own which I will do soon. Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year to all of you.
~~ Shanthi

Monday 20 December 2010

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 11

This is my last weekend wrap up….. ............ for the year!! I will be taking a mini blog- break from 22nd onwards.. I need some serious time for my day job… The weeks ahead till mid January already look manic!! *sigh* Lets not think about that now!! The weekend gone…. oh gone!… sounds so horrid!! We had a lovely weekend … of randomly beautifying and making our home look Christmasy!! All the decorations are not up as yet… So for now.. I’ve decided that I’m not putting the rest up at all.. *smiles* The home looks lovely to me as is… *smiles* Also, we had a mini Dubai bloggers meet… It was lovely to meet ~ Ash, Urmila, Rose and Harshi!! We had a good time talking about nearly everything under the sun… the random conversations and laughs… sounded as though it was an old friends meet!!
My brother kick started his dream this week ~ ‘Tachez’. We got together to have some fun… and help him bake some cookies!!
Not in a million years would I have dreamt of holding a piping bag… But for the love of my brother… Gosh!! the things I do!! It was a great experieicne… and a lovely time spent with family… *smiles*
My home is still a mess… and needs some working on before Christmas… Even worst.. I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping… So I’ll be raiding the shops today and tomorrow… trying to buy gifts… Too much to do… too little time..
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Sunday 19 December 2010

Our first christmas

Hello and welcome to another episode of "from here and there".

Since "Tis the season to be jolly!" let me share some picture from our first family Christmas in 2008. Up until then , I never celebrated Christmas, but with 2 young kids, I decided to celebrate just  aibt (See the size of our Christmas tree!)

The highlight of the Christmas was the letter from Santa to Kids and the action items for the next year... Keep in mind they were 4 and (almost) 1 that time...


Signing off,