Thursday 30 June 2011

Buddha Scapes ~ Round up

Thank you to all of you who made Buddha Scapes possible... Thank you for inviting us into your homes or taking us on amazing tours... *hugs* for supporting all my little Colours Dekor dreams... Thank you!! *smiles*
The first entry this month was Komali's ... ~ Buddha Mantel
Followed by Ash, who took us on a tour of her gorgeous home...
Sharmistha's ~ my little lotus Buddha was a gorgeous ... gorgeous post!!
Could I ask for more?? Oorvi ~ peace, love, compassion
The above stunning image from All things beautiful....
Rama... not only supports me.... but continues to inspire... with Buddha & glimpses of Sikkim
Serene Spaces by Rema... who is another bundle of talent... *sigh*
Here is a new blog for you... Life & Times in Bangalore...
A gorgeous entry by Sudha ~ The Design Enthusiast ...
I simply cant get enough of this orange wall.. and now with frames.. its stunning... Hop on to All things beautiful...
Finally a stunning Buddha Scape at A Home makers Diary...
Do visit Thailand via Mindful Meandering ... *sigh* such a gorgeous post!!
You've got to visit this shop via Cherishing Spaces... I'll go shopping here for sure!!
Hope you enjoyed this series... as much as I did... *sigh*... I'll end with a quote from My experiments with Arts & Design
Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha said,
"However many holy words you read, however many you speak,
what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?"

Contest, Giveaways & shopping

I've been dreaming of making a mood board .. And this is surely my one opportunity.. Hop on to Cherishing Spaces... and be part of this contest...
And if you've made a moodboard email

Oh.. Congrats Shanthi on your 50th post... Now hop on to Home Shanthi Home... and be part of her give away... Sorry.. this is late.. You've got only two days to go! so hurry now!! :-)

Now.. for one more news... Have you ventured into Style Radha ~ an online store by The Key Bunch... Go on and shop... they've got some awesome stuff..

Wednesday 29 June 2011

...home tour continues~Anu

Hey everyone... I am continuing with the tour of my home and will share some glimpses of my favorite areas.... click on the image to see a larger picture
Lets start with the Puja place
...My puja place is a small area in the kitchen, and consists of tiny silver idols some going back to 120 years arranged on a Chinese altar... The idols belong to my very much loved family and friends. When I moved to Atlanta, I asked for 1 idol from each of my folks...and the idols travelled from their puja place to mine,...with their blessings and wishes.
...Padmaja's 'Shrirangapatna devastana' painting...above the Glassware cabinet
...a corner of the family room...some Mysore and Warli paintings...some of my pottery pieces displayed
...the family room...
...corner of the master bedroom...
...another area of the bedroom...
...signing off with the image of my thinking man...:-)
Adios until the next post...contributed by Anpu/Anu

a peek into Rama's home

... I've said this before... I simply can't get enough of Rama's gorgeous home...
You've seen her outdoor... here are a few stunning images from her indoors... *smiles*
What do you have to say about the architecture of her home??
The colours of the tiles..... so so impressive! The colour of the walls.... gorgeous!!
.... oh and I so so love stained glass...
The stairs... leading to another gorgeous orange wall... I'm a huge fan of orange.. *sigh*
Do leave a note for Rama... and tell her what you think of her gorgeous home...
Check out her blog... to know more about Rama... Would you like to see more images of her home??
Hop on to Peacocks & Paisleys for Rama's home tour... and also read Rama's guest post at The Design Enthusiast...

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Buddha Scapes ~ Scribbler

Scribbling into my heart... and into Buddha scapes today is Scribbler.... Here are some stunning images from her home!!
This is in front of the door
(to ward off evil eyes)
The second one in the theatre room with night lights (to soothe me into a peaceful night)
..... in the backyard (to watch my back)....
.... a corner of the living area, which is my Bali inspired corner
(as the gaurdian angel of all that happnes in the house) ...
Will you be joining in for Buddha Scapes this month??

Monday 27 June 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 37

"Being happy doesn't mean
that everything is perfect.
It means that you've decided
to look beyond the imperfections"
~ Anonymous
Weekends are such a blessing... Although this was a short work week for me... But the pile is always huge when you are just back from holiday and mentally your still living in holiday mood.. or mode!! *smiles*
This weekend was spent preparing for the summer vacations... Shopping for family... buying little gifts... I got this Buddha over the weekend... Do you like it??
Last ballet class for the term... New term starts in September.... *huge smile*... which means Saturdays are going to be peaceful... *sigh*...
I'm waiting eagerly for the holiday season... *big smile*... Kids go away first... and I get lots of time to clean & clear... I'm going to have a busy summer ahead.. and you might not see me often on blog land.. But I'll try my best.. to pop in and say 'hello'... Hope you drop by at Colours Dekor.. ... Oh.. and do join in the Weekend Wrap up this week... ... ...

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~ Patricia

Sunday 26 June 2011

Warli fun

Warli is a popular art from a little village in Maharashtra with the same name. This is the most intriguing form of Indian art.

Warli paintings are expressions of the daily lives of these tribes. The stories revolve around harvest season, weddings, celebrations, customs, other rituals, etc. Predominately white colour is used on a red earthen background. Just like this house below -

The simple monochromes compositions that mainly consist of geometrical designs, can still be so appealing. The simplest form of art – Warli. Watch the video below to learn more...
This weekend, the girls wanted to learn Warli... so here is a sketch I prepared to teach them the art.... *smiles*
The girls made one painting each ... They've found a way to hang this on the rim of the bed... Here is the display...
The below one is made by Sims (my 8 year old)....
This one made by Eva (my 6 year old).... She loves to use sketch pens.... and pencils don't really classify as art work... *smiles*... Now I'll show you a few images from my old home... I painted the Warli below... ..
One more look... at the same Warli...
This is an old CD rack from IKEA .. I revived it with a little dose of Warli ...
I want to paint an outdoor wall with Warli as well... thats my summer project.. Now that the kids seem to enjoy Warli as well.. We will be doing the wall project together...
Hope you've learnt the art too... And if you've got a project to show off about, email me on
I'm linking this to the party at The Key Bunch and Mindful Meanderings !!