Friday 30 April 2010

Work with wood?

My favourite materila to see around the house is definitely wood.... So when I saw this.... I was so super impressed with Olga's work that I just had to share it with you all!! Olga Oreshyna is a Canadian Designer who uses natural and previously used wood to create the designs below. Her sole intention is to make your home warm and comfortable with stylish handmade wooden blocks panels. Since all the wood was already used before, it’s a great contribution to being green! Olga uses only natural fragments of wood as a source of inspiration and what comes out of it... is simply magic!! Explore her designer collection of decorative panels in which simple wooden blocks create sophisticated pattern and plays with contrasts.
For any queries write to her on
You simply have to see Olgas work and the simplicity with which she describes it... : and

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Staircase inspirations...

The best thing about blogger is sharing ideas and inspirations.. This one is my favourite.. I'd love to have a seating / reading corner like this...
These images were googled to me by Kanika.... What an inspiration!
Only problem is ... my staircase space isnt really this big. You cannot walk into it.. or sit below it.
Aisha (my friend) sent me the below two images.. I like the idea of storage.. Part of me is thinking maybe I can make it a wine rack or a bar counter??
The bookshelf idea.... is lovely!! This was what I had in mind first... But the area is rather wide... So putting a bookshelf means I will loose the space behind it...
And.. I dont want to loose any space.. so for now.. I'm dreaming of a fountain, a few plants.... a buddha... a few cushions... All this.. with my swing in the front?? Not so sure!!! But it my head it seems ok... I'm still hunting for ideas... as this space is not on my priority list as yet!! If you have any ideas... do share them with me.. Post a comment or email

Tuesday 27 April 2010

Magical broom

This was in the Gulf News a few months back... I was absolutely amazed with the DIY lamp... and thought it was a fabulous idea!! I have a few DIY lamps at home... but most of mine are just a few fairy lights put into a pretty vase or bowl... Do you have any creative lighting??

Sunday 25 April 2010

Are you coming home??

Welcome to my new home.... I've just managed to find a cabinet space for nearly everything... Which means... all my stuff now has a home.. and I can start concentrating on the individual rooms... The minute I open the door... this is what you can see!!! Atleast the elephants have found their permanent place...
My dolls... hanging on my swing... and overlooking the rest of the house!!
Sofas only arrive sometime this week.... till then this is our makeshift seating..
For now... I've placed my swing here... coz I just couldnt find a better place... But inturn lost my creative space under the stair case...
Huummm... I dont know what to do right now!! Do you have any ideas for under the stairs?? Share them with me on

Saturday 24 April 2010


I could do with this bench... I dont know where I will keep it... but I like the dark wood look.. and the cushions.. Although I'd definitely add some more colourful cushions... Do you have a seat like this?

Wednesday 21 April 2010

Book shelves

I am desperately looking for some book shelf ideas.... Do you guys have any that you can share with me.... These are two that my blogger friends sent me... I need one for the girls room to accomodate their books, toys & craft stuff... and I need one for myself... for all my books & magazines... Do send me some links or pictures if you have any creative book shelves...

Monday 19 April 2010

Eye Candy

The little joys of life…. This is my joy when my brother is around…

We’ve had two hectic weeks… packing boxes, moving homes… settling in… baking cakes (with so much attitude), a few hugs, a few kisses, some tears… and finally, a family reunion at a Lebanese food joint … And of course all concerns can be resolved over paani puri & masala chai !!
I miss him…. so much.. the first week is impossible and the month difficult!! *sigh*

Thursday 15 April 2010

Co-blogger find (April)

I’m so overwhelmed by the emails in my inbox… asking where I am… showing so much concern and some even missing my posts.. Gosh!! Thank you all for making my day… The love showered has just drenched me completely. Really!! Thank you! The one think I miss about my old home, is my peacock wall. There was a lot of effort in planning, organising and implementing the final work. Ethnic Indian has featured my wall and has put up a lovely post. Please check Ethnic Indian and see how we created this peacock! Also thank you to ‘Anu’ from A Wandering mind for the Beautiful Blogger award. Its lovely to be back to all this… I’m not sure who I want to pass this on to… so for now I’ll keep the award to myself!! I totally love Anu's travel blog.. and am often envious of all her travel!! Here is featuring the co-blogger finds for the month of April (in alphabetical order).
Useful house hold tips
Don’t forget to check out Co blogger find – March, Febraury, & January. Do you like my new finds? Let me know!! Dont forget to leave comments, inspire them & follow them.... And like I said earlier.. if I haven’t found you, please email me on

Wednesday 14 April 2010

a bedroom....

Hello Everyone!! How are you all doing?? I missed you guys... I missed blogging as well.... (strange - but true!!).. We've moved to our new house and are settling in.... one box at a time.... :-) All I need today... is a bedroom that looks like this... I've featured the living room of this home earlier....
Love the parquet flooring... and the colours just blend in so beautifully!! The lights simply creating the right mood for this bedroom...
Vistaar Associates does a fabulous job.... isn't it??
So tell me .... where have you all been?? What have you been doing??

Monday 5 April 2010

New Space...

We are moving.... !! We've found a place.... that we are eventually going to call home... (in a couple of months I guess!!) This is how it looks now... and I guess it will continue to look like this for a while...

I'm going to arrange... re-arrange.... and re-arrange furniture, curios, frames... and anything else that I find in my pandora's box!!

We are planning on moving sometime next week... and then hoping to do one corner at a time...

So, here is me welcoming you... on a weekly quest of ideas (from you!!)... and hoping you will enjoy making my space.... into my home!! Can't wait!! Can you?

Saturday 3 April 2010

Happy Easter

Here is wishing you all a very happy Easter!! Lots of egg shell ideas... but very little time.. So nothing new for Easter this year... as I ran out of time!! My fav as usual... is a glass base... with candles !! And a few bunnies.. and we are ready for Easter..
Hope the light from my home.... passes on to yours....
Have a fab time... Are you guys doing anything special?? See you... after my mini Easter break!!

Thursday 1 April 2010

Easter weekend..

A duck or a goose egg provides the basis of this work of art in miniature. The process involves emptying the egg's contents through a small incision after which it is painted in several stages. Firstly various shapes are drawn on, then it is covered with wax, and finally paint is applied in successively lighter colours as areas of wax are pealed away layer by layer. Red is the symbol of love & joy. The straight lines symbolize eternity... Thus each egg can be read as a story and its message and design are unique!! This is my priced possession from Romania... Hope you all are ready for the Easter weekend..