Friday 28 March 2014

the wedding

I have lots to tell you about this beautiful wedding... and the little things that made it so special... 

The wedding gown was designed by Berna. Flowers by someone in Sharjah.. 

Do check out CandidKama Photography... for their brilliant pics!

Monday 24 March 2014

dining area

Can you see the turquoise wall? Do you like it?

I do think its  a bit plain... as in... could have done with some stencil work or some motifs? What do you think?

Saying that.. I like round dining areas... 

The two glass candle holders on the dining table broke during the wedding week... *sobs*... so for now there isn't anything on the table... But I'll sort that soon... 

Friday 21 March 2014

my living room

The reason I love this room is the ample light it has coming through the sheer curtains all day long. And you must know that Dubai has light all round the year… 

Showing you some corners today.... 

and the play of light in this room... 

I can spend hours seated on one of these sofas… and with a friend over for some chai… it makes the space even more comfy… and cozy… 

Wednesday 19 March 2014

needs some colour

And before I change the colours here, I thought I'll show you how my living room looks...

I sure think it needs more colour... the beauty of the blues & purples aren't enough to bring out the excitement in this space... *giggles*

Saying that, I love the decal on the wall... 

But I think I've truly had enough of the colours... 

The lotus here is my new find... from Home Center in India I think... *smiles*

Monday 17 March 2014

a bare corner

I'm not sure if I should call it bare or not... you tell me.. Does the wall look too bare??

Doesn't it look like it needs more stuff.... But then it would look too crowded... 

Saying that... all our guests love this corner of the house... *smiles*

Friday 14 March 2014

random corner

Yay! Its a Friday... and as usual I have a million things to do *smiles*..

Leaving you today... with a few random corners of my home... 

Do you have a favourite corner?? Send me some images of your favourite corner at

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Foyer decor

Decorating the foyer is always so much of a hassle... These is space... some space... and so many ideas of things you'd like to do with this space. Does that happen to you?? 

A few simple ways to decorate the foyer :

Paint always works, find a bold colour that suits your personality. Red is warm and welcoming. 

Create a focal point : a table, a mirror are simple ways of doing this

If you aren’t great at putting frames together, even a single piece of artwork can make the foyer look wow. If you have a large frame, try placing it on the floor. 

A mirror also works to create an illusion of extra space. 

If you have the space of overhead lights, suspend a chandelier or Moroccan lamp. Alternatively use a table lamp to bring in some light into the foyer. 

No matter what you keep here, the key is to de-clutter and keep a constant check of things that can easily get accumulated. Have a key holder, place for bags, shoes or anything else you might bring in.

And if you are feeling slightly more adventurous :

Declutter the foyer area. Place a small rug or runner to welcome people into your home. This creates the feeling of openness.

Create an eye-catching display on the wall. Used frames, photos, unused wallpaper, letters, maps, poems, children’s artwork and place them on the wall. 

If you have a dark walk or a red wall, a group of ornamental mirrors, or a group of candle holders on the wall creates a beautiful feel to the entrance way. 

If you have extra space in the foyer, create a little nook, with a table and a chair or even just a chair (with a pile of suitcases or a pile of books) to give it a cozier feel. 

Use colourful fabric on the chair, for the instant electric feel. 

Using a ladder to display fabrics or a large artwork on the floor or even a large lamp, creates the oomph and makes your foyer area stand out from anywhere else.

And finally tell me, what you think of my foyer area ... 

Monday 10 March 2014

the right mood

So, how was your weekend?? Mine was awesome... was quiet after a long long time!! 

Weekends are when all the candles get used up... *smiles*

I love creating a relaxed atmosphere and using all the candle-stands at home... 

The 'madhushala' lamp is by far my favourite *smiles*... We got this one made!!

Like I said... Im going to focus on lighting for the month of march... so send me some images of gorgeous lamps, lights & candles... 

Friday 7 March 2014

a night view

Hello my lovelies, its been a while... and I have so much to say, but simply no time to pen my thoughts. There's a wedding I have to tell you about, a few DIYs and so much more... 

Anyway, for now its the weekend.. and here is how the home looked last night.. I love creating an ambiance with light. Colours, Lights & Ambiance are interchangeable words *wink*

Honestly!! Don’t take the choice of lighting too lightly. Colours create the ambience required, but lighting plays a very important role. Lights have its own effects on the colours used and vice-versa. Bringing in more light saves your home from looking gloomy and dark. But positioning of lights make a huge impact on how a space appears. 

Here are some quick tips to help you :

Light colours reflect light and dark colours absorb light. Therefore, if your wall colours are dark then you require more light in that room. 

A space always looks bigger & brighter when lamps shine upwards or along the walls. 

Light bulbs and candles create a warm glow, halogen lamps and fluorescent lights create a soft ambience. 

White light is beneficial for your study area where you don’t need any ambient lighting. 

Using types of lamps, different shapes of lamps can also create the warmth and desired tone in a room.

We do have lights on the ceiling but only ever use them at dinner time. 

I love fairy lights, twinkling lights and random lights hanging around the house. Do you?

So what do you think? Do you have images of lights in your home? Share these with me on