Tuesday 31 August 2010

A gift for you...

Here is a ‘big thank you’ to all of you who stop by my blog…. I’ve got a little gift for you.. You don’t even have to be a blogger, or a follower… If you are here, you deserve this… Sign up for Exclusively.in’s unique code for Colours Dekor and receive a USD 20 credit within 24 hours.


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Hope you will register and do some fabulous shopping... Enjoy.. and keep coming back to visit me. Once again.. Thank you!!

Monday 30 August 2010

A little stars birthday party..

‘Twinkle Twinkle Little star’…. is N’s favourite nursery rhyme… and what a perfect theme for his first birthday party… Simran says ~~
I had blue and white table cloths, with "star" centre pieces on each table that I made.
Please check out the tutorial on the centre piece. I love the choice in colour, shades of blue & white… Looks so so gorgeous..

We had a clown lady who made crowns for the kids with stars on it.
Isn't this gorgeous??

The cake was in the shape of Number 1 with stars and moon on it to go with the theme.
This was the awesome backdrop...
And some tasty food..
Also on every tablecloth there were pictures of N with each of the guests - kids and adults loved finding their own pic.
Hope you enjoyed Simran's well planned birthday party... If you'd like to share a party that you've planned, decorated or baked a cake for... email me on torresp27@hotmail.com

Sunday 29 August 2010

Iftaar get together…

I love having a reason to celebrate and having huge family get togethers... … This was our annual Iftaar party… Do you remember seeing last years?? My brother was in town, so there was lots & lots of food.... I missed him truck loads this time... :-( You must see pics of our Iftaar party last year, my brother cooked all the food and we had loads of fun.... Don’t miss, the latest addition to hubby’s trophy collection. It will be here for a few days till I get fed up of seeing it… *grins*
The bare walls are annoying… isn’t it??? I’ll get to them soon…
The mood is always set with a few candles.. .... And we had some basic food….
The awesomest brownies..
They were delicious…
The chillies (oh gosh!!)
Then my favourite…
All together, an evening filled with food, brownies, tarts, ice-creams, a few songs, dances and pictionary. Hope you all are having a great weekend…

Saturday 28 August 2010

Project 1 – the happy room … cont…

I am so very proud of these girls… I won't take any credit for this wall at all… It was completely Ramya (my creative genius’) idea… These three made the stencils on their own… and then decided on the colours.. and went ahead and painted this… Its simply gorgeous!!
There are a total of 6 ballerinas… here is one of them for you..
So much attention to detail… that the ballet tutus and shoes were painted a darker colour..
They were finished with glitter… and this one being the star performer had extra glitter to look glamorous.. Hope you’ve seen my plans for this room, the happy cabinet and the butterfly wall… I’ll soon show you how it looks altogether!!
I simply love pink.
There was a lot of mess, a lot of paint, a lot of colour.. above all… loads & loads of love!! The girls room is my favourite room in the house.. Thats where I spend most of my time (after work).... from homework, to dancing, to arts & crafts... to falling off to sleep with them... Memories are made of these... ballerinas, butterflies... fairies and princesses... smiles & hugs!!
I'm linking to -
The DIY Show Off

Friday 27 August 2010

Tanu's table top

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am about ‘August table top’. Its awesome to see your pics and know a little about you… Here is Tanu’s table top. When I saw the pics I had to post it instantly.
You do know how much I love lanterns, don’t you?? So the minute I saw this.. I simply had to post it!!
Tanu's images are so gorgeous... serene and calm...
‘Cozy Corners’ is our subject for September. So bring in your photographs and a little story about your Cozy Corner. I cant wait to start this link… *smiles*

Project 1 cont.. – Cabinet painting..

Here is a happy cabinet make over... This is a 12 year old cabinet.. and definitely needs a new look!! Now, do you remember this cabinet from my earlier post – Project 1 – Happy Room?? Where I told you all my plans for this room??
Well last weekend, Ramya had her designer / creativity cap on… so I let her take full control of my plans and her thoughts just didn’t stop flowing… The cabinet got sanded and painted white by Ashwin (my cousin).
Then Ramya & Rose, changed it to look like this… They worked all night.. and when I saw it in the morning… I was simply spell bound. Thank you my lovelies!!
Sorry for the horrible photography, its all work in progress.
Have you seen the butterflies on the wall?? I still have some sorting, cleaning, clearing to do, before I post pictures of the complete room.
My girlies are thrilled.. Above all.. they got to do little bits as well.. so they feel very proud.
Isn’t it just lovely to have a mad family?? *smiles* Hope you like my Project 1 - work in progress... Do email me on torresp27@hotmail.com or leave your comments if you think I could make this room happier...
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Thursday 26 August 2010

KG's table top... simply beautiful..

I so enjoyed my August table top, that I’ve been dreaming of another subject … I’d like some suggestions.. please!! Few more images from Ketchup Girl… that I just had to share. Have you checked her home tour??
Bedside is usually clutter-free - my retro alarm clock, the book I'm reading, my ear - baalis, a moisturiser and my picture of our wedding :). And the lamp, that I've been meaning to change.
My study: A black & white framed print of Sydney's King Cross taking in the 1920's. 2 Bamboo shoots, my fav Marilyn Monroe mug, a sign - 'A balanced Diet is a chocolate in each hand' waiting to be put up, my cuppa and with a pot full of darjeeling to keep me arm, three books I'm currently reading, and a family picture in a yellow Ikea frame.
Oh so awesome... just neatness... I simply love her home.. her blog and her table tops..
There is just another week for joining the August table top party!!!!

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Anu's table top

Anu’s joining my August table top party… The table top was created when she bought this table lamp… She had been eying this for over a year. The silver dishes on the tray were gifts given from a friend. The marbles on the dishes were from a trip to hobby lobby.
Have you joined in as yet?? The link is open till end of August.... I'm waiting for you!! *smiles*

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Happiness... table tops...

"Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them....!!" Emreen's email had the above tag line... My happiness is YOU... seeing your comments, emails, pictures, suggestions... It touches my heart that you would want to share pictures of your home... ask me for my suggestions... or simply share your life with me... I've even made a Dora certificate for a little four year old... whose mom wrote in to me... I'm now working on a birthday card for a 15 year old, who asked if I could help her.. I thought that was so super sweet... Emreen's table tops are simply happy... from flowers to bunnies... They can bring a smile to your face for sure...
Easter Bunny .... Love the smile on his face !

A cup of cherries for tea !!!

Cacti Love

Blue daisies and my sweet little love birds..

I always love to have fresh flowers on my table.. Here are some pictures of those ... ;-)
My precious shell collection!!
I'm joining Marty's table tops...
Floating Candles in a bed of rose petals
I simply loved all her pics.... So warm and so full of love... Thank you Emreen for sharing these pics with us.
Dont forget to join in my August table top....