Tuesday 28 September 2010

Sharon's Dance of Freedom!!

I’m so pleased to feature Sharon Castelino & her work!! This is true talent…. I’d love for all my readers to pass this message on and encourage Sharon and her most amazing paintings.. Heading to the festive season.. I’m sure you can think of buying a Diwali, Eid, Christmas, New Year or Birthday gift for one of your loved ones… from her amazing collection.
This art is the creative imagination of Sharon Castelino but is jointly interpreted by her parents Stephen and Sylvine. Sharon is now 26 years old deaf and dumb by birth. Sharon’s artistic talent was discovered by her mother Sylvine when she was only two years old. All her paintings have depth and detail. Being very close to nature, Sharon’s themes mainly consist of sceneries, clouds, animals and imaginative creations.
“The beauty of an art is in the eye of the beholder” An adaptation of Greek Proverb
The picture is painted in blue which is Sharon’s favorite color. Blue is calming, strong and steadfast or light and friendly. Sharon expresses that she is steadfast in her imaginative dream. Secondly the color blue evokes signs of reassurance in a complex world, while adding a hint of mystery and excitement. Sharon expresses in this work of art that even though she faces many challenges that she is offered tremendous reassurance from her family and friends.
Sharon is a true believer. Even though she is not able to express in words her art expresses faith in God and invites us to believe in unique gifts like faith, hope, Peace and freedom. The art also expresses Sharon’s thought –“You have to dream before your dreams can come true.”
Each of her paintings are unique (no two paintings are alike), hand painted and from her imaginations and thoughts.
Few of her paintings are kept in "Institute of Emirates Very Special Arts Group" Sharjah. One of her paintings is kept in "Very Special Arts Exhibition" in the USA . In 2009 one of her paintings was short listed for "Young Artist Award at Dubai Ladies Club. Also she has participated in many competitions and Exhibitions in the past in UAE and India
Please go through "Sharon's Art Gallery" and if you are interested in buying her paintings, please e-mail her family on spcastelino@yahoo.com

Monday 27 September 2010

One more cozy corner!!

A big hug to all those who voted for Indrani!! And a bigger hug to all those who haven’t voted as yet… Ofcourse I’m expecting you to vote!! What are you waiting for?? It only takes two minutes to register, and a second to Vote. So please do the needful!!
Have you guessed who this corner belongs to??? Not yet?? Do you remember this table top entry…. Yes!! Yes!! Brinda… Her photographs are so warm… that they make you feel like you are a part of them..
Here is a tiny corner of my living room by the window, just enough room for 1 person to relax with some books and a cup of tea!!
This corner is in my master bedroom with a little bookshelf and my laptop. I really look forward to retreat into this corner at the end of the day when all is quite!!

The other corner is the end of the couch also near the window of my living room where I get loads of sunlight in the summers and love to settle with some lovely music playing in the background!!

Oh.. Brinda!! Thanks for sharing your lovely corners with us!! They are indeed warm and full of love… and I can already smell the cup of tea… (huuuummm)… Don’t forget this is the last week to show off your Cozy Corners in the September party, or email me on torresp27@hotmail.com

Table beauties...

Hello my sweets!! I have to share my happiness with you today. Indrani’s blog - I share… was one of the first blogs I started following when I first joined blogworld!! She talks about her travels in detail and is an avid photographer!! I am so proud of her today, that she is the only Indian in the top 20 for the Peoples Choice Award on Traveller. Please read her entry "Quenching migratory birds in an oasis in Khichan”. And if you like it (I am so sure you will!), and would contribute towards her winning, please register (it only takes two minutes) and vote for her!! The voting is open till 30th September and each vote will make a huge difference!! Candles make me happy…. Hence this weekend was filled with candles & more!!
I’m still stuck on my ‘lotus inspired’ room… but it simply doesn’t seem to be happening!! You know how it is right?? When you are searching for the cushions with ‘pink’ or ‘aqua’ or ‘green’ (the absolute shade which is in my mind)… and you just cant find it!!! That’s me right now!!! I can’t seem to find the colours or the kind of stuff I want… So I may just give up soon!!
I’ve also found this sudden surge of love for purple & pink… *wink* and that’s the way I’m diverting now… *smiles* I'm linking to Tablescape Tuesday!
Now.. now… my loves!! If you haven’t voted for Indrani as yet.. Please do!! Like I said.. it will only take you two minutes… and Indrani will surely make all of us very proud!!

Saturday 25 September 2010

a cozy corner... from NS!!

I simply love blogging.. and the best part of it.. is connecting with people…. Like ‘YOU’.. and visiting your homes…. And being a part of your life.. and you being a part of mine… So thank you.. to all who visit me here!!! *hugs*
And a special thank you to those who make me a part of their lives… like NS… of My experiment with food.. sharing pics of her cozy corner.

This is the place where I love to spend my evenings. I have couple of flower and vegetable plants in my balcony, after watering them in the evening, I just love to sit there and have my tea with a book in my hand.

Do you have a cozy corner as gorgeous as NS’s??? If you do, share it!!! Email me torresp27@hotmail.com or just join in the September party!!

Parties and more...

Hello my lovelies… hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend… Here is my official entry to the contest at Mindful Meandering.. I absolutely love Shruti’s blog for all the artsy craftsy stuff she showcases on her blog… As the discussion with Simone (my older kid)… starts about her bday (which is only in December)… Here is a quick list of a few we did in the past year… Dora the explorer was special… coz we celebrated this at home. Most of the banners, arrows leading to the house, the paper flowers, the star catchers and some decorations the girls made using chart paper, stickers and loads and loads of colours… ofcourse with a little help!!
The flip flop themed – pool party… was absolutely mad!!! It was on the same day at the Dubai Terry Fox Run… so we ran from the run venue to the party venue… It was pouring cats, dogs and all… so we had to cancel the pool bit and do an indoor party.. absolutely unplanned… but all my elves were super charged and we completed the décor just before the kids arrived.
The fairy & pirates party… was nearly a replication of the fairy and potter party we had the year before. The girls got involved with colouring & sketching on the give away – brown paper bags.. I had learnt a little bit of photoshop by then… so make the little thank you notes.
Halloween is always fun. Its not one bit scary in my household… Its just a way of getting the kids involved… All the stuff you see here are painted and sketched by the girls… (my girls… and their friends)… As usual… the final touch up still needs to be done… Still.. I think they do a fabulous job…
Do you have a party to show case?? Do send me an email on torresp27@hotmail.com .. I’d love to feature it here!!

Thursday 23 September 2010

A goodbye to Summer

Hello and welcome to another episode of "from here and there"...

The fall season has officially begun.

Each season has it's charm. As much as I love Spring and Summer, I am now looking forward to fall when all the leaves change their color and the festivities of Halloween, Diwali, Thanksgiving, and Christmas etc. cheer everyone everywhere.

As a final goodbye to Summer, here are some pictures of the flowers from my backyard that I grew this year.

Thank you for all the positive comments on my last post. It felt like my group of friends just expanded. Some of you also made a kind visit to my other blogs that I very much appreciate. Please visit again soon! May be even become a follower!

Also, if you like my posts, please vote for me (you can vote every 24 hours) Just click on the link below and then “Click to Vote” to cast an automatic vote for me.Thanks!

See you next week! Signing off,
Shilpa Vir

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Sumathy's cozy corner

Sumathy joins cozy corners today… showing off a corner of her home. Sumathy’s warmth and love can be reflected in the corners of her home…
We moved into our apt in July 2005 with our woodwork but left the furnishing for later. And spent close to 2 years trying to come up with some ideas to decorate a corner facing the entrance in the living room in our apartment. Finally it happened !!! and needless to say, it is a special corner for me. I love to gaze at the corner sitting across it…..
When we got chatty… She went on to say…

There are times when I pause at a particular place and all the memories come rushing - what all did I consider, how did I end up with this, what my kids / our friends thought about this, etc, etc - that is why I think people say home a has life and soul!

Yes.. Sumathy.. I so agree!! Your home surely has the life & soul… and attitude that I love… Real peoples… real homes… with loads of love, a little clutter.. making a photograph into a memory. I love a lot of things about her pictures… the pretty chairs, the rug with cushions… the little shelves, the terracotta Ganesha.. and the little curios on the shelves… So many things to see and appreciate!!
Do you have a cozy corner to show off about?? Email me at torresp27@hotmail.com or join in linkz party… open all September!! Cant wait to see you there!!

Tuesday 21 September 2010

My table top today...

I had a rather stressful day at work today… I’ve always maintained that when I get home at about 4.30pm… I expect the house to be neat & clean… no clutter or toys in the living room and everything around the house generally in its place.. My girls are 5 and 7.. and totally understand my concept of a clean house!! Isn’t that awesome! The house is in a mess sometimes… but that’s when things are beyond their control… (ie its my magazines or my craft stuff lying around).. But their books, toys and clothes… may not be in an orderly manner… but will always be in its rightful place. I’m truly blessed.. and on stressful days like this.. I count these little blessings..
On my table top today.. linking in to Table top Tuesdays… is my ‘lotus’ inspiration.. No!! I haven’t got anything sorted as yet. Work has generally taken over my life.. and ‘lotus’ inspiration.. is now just an inspiration in my mind!! I’m working on it.. and hopefully it will all fall into place soon.. *smiles* hopefully!!

Monday 20 September 2010

Part 2 - my new inspiration

Do you remember Padmaja?? And my earlier post on a chance meeting (Part 1) with this amazing artist?? Here are some more pictures of her paintings and her home. Anything you see on these walls is painted by Padmaja…. Now can you see why I am so impressed?? Isnt this one .... simply gorgeous!!
Some calm & serene work...
The outdoor painting is the one we have in our balcony with a water fountain, you can see it a little of it in the corner of the bird bath picture.
This is where my ‘lotus’ inspired living room comes from!! No.. No.. I’m not painting lotus on the wall as yet… but the colour & theme inspiration is from Padmaja… Has she inspired you as yet??
NO!!! You must check out her work on her blog… Its truly inspirational!!!
Just a little reminder, that the September Cozy Corners inlinkz (see tab on top) is open for the whole month of September… You can post any corner in your home that you think is cozy!! …. And do as many posts as you like… If you are not a blogger, or don’t want do post décor images on your blog, simply email me on torresp27@hotmail.com and I’d love to add your cozy corner in here as well…. Hope you guys are having a great week....

Saturday 18 September 2010

Butterfly muffins...

With September starts the festive season in my house… starting with moms bday this month, followed by loads of bdays up until February.. Ends with my brothers bdays… and then ofcourse we have Halloween, Diwali, another Eid.. and Christmas & New Year. Sims has already starting planning her bday… Her bday is only in December but she normally starts the discussions in January.. Yes!! She is a party animal.. and totally freaks out about everything being super organised… and in control!!
She hasn’t accepted my idea of an ‘Indian / desi’ themed party……
But atleast she has agreed that it will be a few girl friends… and not half of the town!! *sigh* Thank God!!
These pictures are from Yva’s bday early this year… Ramie (her godma) made these lovely cup cakes.. and Rose.. put together a pretty dessert table.
We are still armatures you can tell… But hey!! We are going to give it another try this year!! And who knows… it might look prettier.
Its her 8th bday… 8 years already.. Gosh!! I’m emotional.. before I know it.. I think she will be going to Uni.. With this one.. I know she wont look back once she is gone.. *smiles*
Do you have any ideas… for my Hannah Montana’s bday?? Any ideas for a theme?
Happy Pink Saturday to all!!

Arti's cozy corner

So what makes your home cozy?? ……………… YOU – you make your home or corner cozy!! Yes! You!! … Today, Arti is joining Cozy Corners and showing us pictures from her tiny apartment… Arti changes the look & feel of her home by changing the spreads, cushions and accessories. I’ve told you before… I love seeing homes with a warm, cozy, ‘love me’ kind of a feeling.. Loads of clutter and a little attitude!! Her favourite corner is this little den… a day bed & bamboo chairs.
These are my favourite corners because we spend so much time here.. watching late night TV, being with friends and entertaining guests… so on and of course surfing internet and checking on all those lovely blogs :-)
Dont miss her laptop...
Do you have a favourite cozy corner to talk about?? Join the September Cozy Corners… or email me on torresp27@hotmail.com

Friday 17 September 2010

Fussing over furniture..

Yes I do!! I make a big fuss about any piece of furniture or accessory in my abode. That’s just me!! I buy, borrow, or compose stuff that I love … rather adore!! I’m working towards a ‘lotus inspired living room’. At this stage I don’t even know if its going to happen… To bring in the inspiration, we added a few lotus’ around the house…. And this is one of them!!
This piece of gorgeousness is meant to be a bed side cabinet…
In my heart, its way too exquisite to be by my bed side… I have it as a ‘side table’… seated arrogantly next to my sofas!!
A side view for you…. so you know how gorgeous it is!! And inside it, I store my priced possession… ‘Shekar’ uncles décor and design books. These are his collection that I’ve borrowed (never to return – I hope!) *wink*! I totally love his collection… they are the best books on décor, design & architecture… (The top two IKEA catalogues are mine)! I’m linking to Show & Tell & Its so very Cheri
For my lotus inspired room… the lotus’ will be integrated via accessories, colours, paintings or wall décor. I have a few ideas… that I am working on… But if you have any suggestions, comments or ideas.. please share them with me… Simply comment or email at torresp27@hotmail.com Oh and while you are here… don’t forget that Cozy Corners is open all of September.. so please join in!! *smiles*