Wednesday 10 February 2016

Fusion Wall Art

Here is something I've been working on for a while now.What do you think?

A collection of photos from my travel to Jaipur - coz I simply love Jaipur ...

These two cow heads are from Bangalore - Aren't they cute??

I love arranging frames on the wall, and putting up random stuff... Saying that, this certainly took us a while... I had a few different bronze items to put up... but decided to keep them in my closet for now.. 

This is how the room looks now.. 

I know.. I know.. I know the cushions dont match the rug. But nothing really has to match. 

Oh.. and I got this rug from the Sharjah Souq. You should go there.. its such a lovely place to find treasures!! 

Have you shopped for treasures lately?


  1. This is so cool. Wall looks so lively now. I always miss your lovely posts. Please keep posting and inspiring us :)

  2. hi
    can u tel me the shop were u bought the cow head

    1. Deepa.. The cowheads are from Bangalore from a little shop on MG Road.. Are you from Bangalore..


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