Friday 1 March 2013

My Home, My Haven ~ Arthi

I'm taking you on a tour today.... While I sip on my coffee... I think you should check out her earlier home tour... and when you are back... I'll tell you more about my conversation with the lovely 'Arthi' from The not so artful dodger. Oh!! and not to forget her story telling blog... Art's Tales 

Tell me about your 'design or decor style' :

I am a sales person with a fragrance MNC, Navy is in media. We have two little girls. "Our home has to reflect us", so  no designers or home decorators. We try and add  a lot of colour and warmth, bring back something from all our travel, we have a tendency to go with Indian crafts and looms. A bit of a mish mash really but it works… don’t you think?

Oh yes, I do!! It works perfectly... My, I can't take away my eyes from this collection :
Vellaku, Diya, Deepam, lamps!! We have a lot handed down over the generations. Tedious to maintain but they are lovely and impart a sense of peace and old world charm immediately …. don't you think? I love the parrot and the ladies with the lamps the most. Have my eye on a multi tier lamp next. We have a few big ones which take up too much space and look more formal so they are not on display.

Your furniture is lovely, specially the coffee table :

Most of our furniture is old as you can see. Bought over the last decade from time to time in Chennai from a friend who restores old wood. We prefer movable furniture since we shift around a lot. The Cradle coffee table is from then.

An open kitchen? Oh!! How lovely... how do you manage that?

This works for us - more space, open and inviting aromas. Yes we need
to tackle oil fumes at times and the occasional burnt smell (LOL) as
well but what are fragrance sprays for!

I see you have a collection of a fair bit of things... You seem to be a treasure hunter... 

We had been collecting Ganeshas and Masks for sometime and found it getting rather repetitive. Hence decided to move on to something else. Saw a very interesting kettle jigsaw and soon after decided to collect different and not necessarily usable kettles. Quirkier the better. There is an Arohi, an India Art, a Pondicherry Artist, an inhouse 'artist', a Lingpi, a Chinese, Warli, Blue pottery inspired kettles in the collection. Really looking forward to finding an old enamel kettle and a copper one.

What's the painting near the ceiling.... 

That is a Pattachitra silk painting depicting Dasavatar from Orissa- courtesy my mom who has influenced my style greatly with her love of Indian fabric, art and craft

Now... I want to show you more... I want to take you to the next room... But you'll simply have to wait for the next post on her gorgeous home....

And if you think you've got a collection worth showing off about... or even a small cozy corner of your home... email me.. on and I'd love to have tea with you!! *smiles*

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  1. Wow..where do I window treatment, parrot lamp, tea kettle collection, circle self, Buddha, elephant hanging. everything is stunning. so many collections but still feel very neat and tidy.

  2. Arthi, how stunning! Simply gorgeous!
    And am I glad to be back here in your blog again :D. Much love!

  3. Just simply amazed!!!
    Arthi, you have a great taste for art and wow! the way you've decorated your house!! i especially love the circular cupboard-like holder in the kitchen pic. what an awesome idea.
    cant take my eyes off these pics. how i would love to live in a house like this :)

  4. Just simply amazed by your taste for art!!
    Arthi, cant take my eyes off these pics. your house seems so warm and welcoming, with all those art pieces and the works.
    Brilliant! and i especially like the circular cupboard-like holder in the Kitchen pic. WOW!!!! man, what a superb idea.
    Way to go and waiting for the remainder of the pics :)

  5. 'Gawgisssss' is what I say!

  6. such a lovely lovely home...and an open kitchen is so difficult to maintain..(i should know as I had an open kitchen once).....being a tea lover i love the collection of tea pots :)

  7. I had been dying to see your home Arti, The wait was soo very well worth it, loved every bit of space, I have seen the pics more than 10 times already, beautiful...!

  8. pretty stuff :) you have a lovely home, Aarti!

  9. Hey Aarti,
    you have such a stunning home...every single thing is so well put together and gels into each other. And the ambience of your place looks so inviting and warm.

  10. delightful and so their yin and yang shelf...and love doesnt end there

  11. I love that table and the Diya collection ,,,

  12. Thanks all. Very encouraging!!
    Thanks again Patricia for your generosity with your space and your words.

    Anu- Why dont you come over home with Mons sometime ?

  13. Love that living room and can feel the warmth, Arthi. Well done.


  14. Lovely home Arthi!!! Love your Kettle collections....they are awesome

  15. Hi Aarti,

    You have a beatiful home..hard to believe that you are a sales person by profession. I loved all your collections.

  16. Hey Reema- Sales lets you travel around remember?

    Vimala / Sunita- Thanks

  17. Lovely, excellent!!! I loved the house tour and am salivating for more..
    Arthi, I have seen the pics from your earlier house too and I love your sense of decor..congrats on such a beautiful home!

  18. I cant wait to visit you, Art! - Indu

  19. the best part is, I have seen two of your houses in Chennai and this one is completely different looking even after using almost the same furnitures and decors :) i dont know how you do it :) kudos - Indu

  20. Thanks so much Indu- cant wait to see u wherever as long as it is soon

  21. Lovely Home!!! Love everything about it!! :) ^.^

  22. Lovely Home!! Love everything about it!! :) :) :)

  23. It's a beautiful beautiful house Arti!How you manage to have so many things w/o it looking cluttered is beyond me :)

  24. It's a lovely home!How you manage to showcase so much of your stuff w/o it looking feeling cluttered,is beyond me!

  25. Thanks Lakshmi and Shalini

  26. Wow!! So beautifu! Especially the open kitchen!!!

    -Apurva Rao

  27. drooling over the kettle collection:)

  28. Thanks Apu and Purplerockshaw!!

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  31. delightful, simple but cute and attractive interiors and interior designing!

  32. What a very spacious living room you have shared in here. Lovely furnitures, displays and decors. So nice to live in a place like that. :)

    Paula M
    Garden Towers


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