Monday 10 October 2011

The Weekly Story ~ wk 52

Monday!! Monday!! *sigh*... Monday simply means another weekend has gone past me, and I haven't painted the walls I sketched on... or haven't had time enough to complete any of my projects. Wish weekends were always three days .. How nice would that be??

Do you remember seeing my bedroom wall?? I'm in love with teal... it is such a gorgeous colours. So I've decided that the room is going to be teal and orange.. Simply because I love orange!! I always have!! Do you have any ideas for the wall?? I was thinking of drawing, rather stencilling a peacock feather in white or orange. What do you think? Any other ideas....

Oh.. and I spotted this Buddha.. Its stunning!! I know... I know!! I already have one.. But was wondering if this would look nice outdoors?? It would!! Isn't it?? Well... I didn't buy it.. Only coz it was not on sale.. My new moto ~ 'buy recycled or reduced costs items only' *smiles*.. Should I have got him home??

I haven't visited all your blogs last weekend.. Like I said.. I simply can't find enough time... But promise to pop by and say 'hello' this week... Saying that, I was super impressed by Deepa's Hues n Shades... Do check out her work!! 

Oh.. and festive season.. simply means tasty food... Check out Asan Khana and be inspired... and dont forget to leave a comment when you are there!! Comments always motivate people... Be generous.. *smiles*

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~ Patricia


  1. The teal wall looks really beautiful... and peacock feathers should be complementing the wall... though I am not able to visualize how it would look, it would be interesting to find out. Will look forward to it...

  2. Im super curious to know what you finally end up doing on the wall! Love the idea of a teal and orange combo!

  3. I love your blog and the way you presents everything. Simply superb.
    Teal and orange combo should be wonderful.

  4. 52nd week!! thats an year...yay

  5. I am back after missing out on last week, which had only scheduled posts from me of the Navarathri outfits as they were Churned out one by one, brand new and ready to flaunt!

    I have linked up Day 6 Action Shot. Please do visit all the other 8 new Navarathri Outfits for 2011

    I went for Indi Blogger meet in chennai, and meet Meena who reconized me from the one who linked up @ Colors Dekor! Wow!

    Have a great week ahead Patricia

  6. Great job dear Paty, I like it!

    I wish you a pleasant day and I send greetings:)

  7. Your weekly story says Wk - 52 . That means a year has gone by since you started this series . Congrats PATTY!!!! and I remember participating since last year this time. So almost an year for me too :-)since I did the first blog post.

  8. Beautiful Buddha sculpture! I am crazy about Buddha-inspired decor too! And love love the teal walls! Good idea about the peacock feather painting..:) waiting to see how the end result turns up!
    Linked in to the weekly story!

  9. fabulous color combo , Patty.
    That Buddha again is gorgeous:)Wait and bring Him for your home .

  10. Love, no I adore the color on your wall! Oh and orange:) You have a very good eye for details.

  11. Patty, Orange and teal would look gorgeous...and Buddha is super gorgeous..wait for it to come on sale and bring it home...

  12. Teal and orange will definitely look amazing! I had recently seen teal bed linens with orange (dhoop chaanv effect) sheer curtains. It looked very different and amazing!!
    The Buddha is gorgeous also! A must for outdoors. I want one too.
    Btw, thanks for the nice comments on my blog.

  13. colorful peacock feather motif - a really big one :) looking forward to seeing what you'll do!

  14. Love the teal & orange! And a peacock feather wood look gorgeous!

  15. Does that iron box have a red handle or is that orange too?:)..stenciling a peacock feather would look great!

  16. Teal and mauve are my favs. When I go shopping for textiles or for deco, these 2 colours stand as first choice. Btw, like the teal wall.

  17. wow luv ur bedroom,...stencil work will look good,..WISH YA happy week ahead,..:-)

  18. That is a gorgeous colour on your wall it's beautiful with the orange. I love your idea of a stenciled peacock feather, it will look fab!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving footprints so I could find your lovely blog, Patricia!

    Meera xx

  19. Ahh! You really really took the time to stop by my blog! Thank you!

    The blue and orange is very beckoning! Nice idea about the peacock! Tres bien! Will wait to see what the design will be like!

  20. Love the wall! And love the peacock cushion cover on your bed too. A feather similar to that on your wall would be awesome. Sigh...I wish I could draw. I suck at freehand :(

  21. Thank you Patty for the kind words. Its been a long time since I linked up good to see you on my blog.

  22. Hi Patricia, I just found your blog and it has rapidly become my favorite :) I love the way you write especially the weekly stories.
    The teal wall in your bedroom is gorgeous! I am sure a stencilled Peacock feather in pearly/sparkly white or a darker/paler but shiny teal would look fabulous on the wall.
    Have you considered Vinyl wall decals too? They're big wall stickers that you can order online (from sites like and get in your color specifications. They're pricey if you buy online but I am sure you could get a local sticker shop to make the same thing if you provide a design.
    Hope this helps. Have a great day!

  23. this is stunning and adds beauty to ur room patty...oh cnt take my eyes from that peacock pillow cover...

  24. Hi Patty, I would incorporate orange and white in the design to lighten it up. Maybe try a light metallic? Sounds great, though. I linked up today.

  25. The best day on the week is Friday because is when you know your work finish, I can't understand why you are so happy on Monday, I mean, isn't it the worst day on a week?

  26. I wish you continued success and a very nice page

  27. The teal wall looks really beautiful... and peacock feathers should be complementing the wall... though I am not able to visualize how it would look, it would be interesting to find out. Will look forward to it...

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