Wednesday 21 November 2012

Home Tour ~ Asha's home in Bangalore

Asha has invited us for tea... to her home in Bangalore.... Will you be joining me today?

and here is what Asha has to say...

I love both my homes very dearly and my home reflects my personality, my home is my world and last but not the least, home is where My art is, be it anywhere.
The funniest part is, if I'm in Bangalore I miss my Bahrain home and visaversa!!!! I want to be in both my homes at the same time... if anything like that is possible!!!!
I have very fondly decorated each and every corner of my two homes and most of the walls have my Tanjore paintings or my needle work displayed on them.
I constantly add new things to my decor, be it a candle stand, scented candles or any arty stuff that catches my fancy.... am always looking for new stuff for my homes.

Staircase Entrance, Asha's Tanjore painting is partially seen

2nd landing with Asha's son's sketches on the wall

Main door landing

And the main door opens to this... 

Shoe cabinet at the entrance... 

The view of the other side of the show cabinet...

 The formal living area...

This could truly be anyones favourite corner... and its Asha's favorite as well...  music area with Tanjore Ravi Varma  painting & Papyrus art from Egypt

Corner wall with Ganjifa art ....

and finally the informal living space...

and so what do you think of Asha's gorgeous home...


  1. Hey Patty,
    Thanks for sharing such a pretty house. Lovely house Asha.
    The entryways are awesome, and i soo love that elephant. Plus your house is soo well lit. looks gorgeous.the plum sofas look really alluring against your creamish/goldenish curtains.


  2. Lovely home....was a wonderful tour...Specially loved the staircase landing spaces...:)

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  4. this s a home with love...beautiful arrangements everywhere...

  5. Hay Patricia! That was a wonderful tour to Asha's home! I liked the informal space very much specially those adorable rose cushions.

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