Friday 23 July 2010

Lantern love …

Its long weekend for me… Can you hear my big smiley face??? I know you guys, you thought I was kidding when I said, I’m going back to Home Centre to pick the red ones!! Didn’t you? Do you remember my post on my yellow lanterns??
I’ve managed to bring home 10 red ones…(yaaayy!!) I’m so pleased… I couldn’t find the aqua and green ones… So have to go to the other Home Centres… Yes!! I’m obsessed… but I have a fabulous idea in my head… and will show it off in the cooler months… *smiles*
At Outlet mall, (some weird shop…. I don’t remember the name!), I purchased these table cloths… for Diwali or Christmas… for AED 10 (nearly $ 3). So, Thursday night was test drive ….. *smiles*… Will you join me for Christmas?
Happy Friday to you all!! Once I was done… with prettifying my table......
… I decided to surprise the girls with a mini table set up…
This was my centre piece… All ready for my girls to have a meal… I simply love candles…
The girlies had a friend over for dinner and sleep over…. And were pleased to see the table all done up for them… (little did they know) *grin* Do you like my tablescape??
These are my everyday table mats…. Yellow & orange being prominent… Ofcourse you know I love these colours…
And these are my everyday plates… I’ve got them in orange as well…
Are you falling in love with my lanterns?? Wait for my winter posts…. *grin*


  1. Yes..yes..Patty...I'm falling in love with your lanterns !!
    Beautiful post indeed :)
    I'm trying to solve my technical problem...but all in vain :(
    Today also I've published a new post! it visible on your list?
    Pl reply...

  2. And I thought I was the only one with a red/orange obsession!! Ha ha. Lovely table girly and pretty!

  3. as always...very pretty pat! (am concerned about the tablecloth...please make sure it won't catch on fire (that second last picture where you've covered the lanterns with the tablecloth...please be careful!)

  4. oranges liven up any place...simply beautiful

  5. I love Red accessories! love love love them.And your table is so pretty.Wonder if we shd slso start using our dining table instead of vegging out in front of the t.v.:-).Will give me an excuse for buying things.

  6. Enjoy your weekend, Patricia!
    FYI, I figured out that the 'leave a comment' button doesn't work if I visit the page via my Google reader.

  7. Patty, I LOVE your lanterns! Everything looks so lovely and inviting!

  8. Patty,
    what a nice idea to use this pretty fabric and the lanterns. And they really make a magical atmosphere when the candles spread their flickering light. I love your table and can imagine how nice it would be to sit there in the evening. Thank you for sharing this.
    Greetings, Johanna

  9. I loved all of them, and all the pics too.
    This weekend when I went to the Home Center, I too found these lanterns of all colours just at the entrance and I bought so many of them.
    I am too planning a dinner party with the coloured lanters on :)
    Felt like sharing this with you since I saw them in home center :)

  10. Wow..someone is getting all set for the festival season! I like you Pats!

  11. Beautiful! I can so see why you are obsessed with those darling lanterns! Love the tablecloth! Happy 100th TT!


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