Sunday 25 July 2010

ABC wall ..

I’m amazed by the artsy – craftsy blogs… There are such inspiring people out there. One such person is Shilpa and she blogs at The Crafts Corner.

Here is a wall she put together for her daughter. This is an inspiration from torn up flash cards that she was going to throw away. Read the instructions.

And guess what... It was her first attempt!! Well done Shilpa!

For me, it doesn’t matter if it’s a sticker or a painting… The sheer fact that someone dared to do something with their walls amazes me.. Do you have a wall to show off about?? E-mail me at I’d love to see it.. and more importantly show it off here.

This blog wouldn’t have an identity without all YOU inspiring people!! So ‘Thank You’ & ‘a big hug’. I'm just in one of those emotional moods... missing all my dear ones who are far away in other lands... :-)


  1. Hey Pats! Your last line made me feel good:)...I spent the weekend beginning my daughter's butterfly wall has a long way to go...cos only when my dream little girl's bed is in place,will I be able to put the lat butterfly on the wall...anyway, I am just glad I started on it...and now to find that bed I want!

  2. A nice way to do up Kids room walls, nothing is enough though for their rooms! Touched by your hug, you are inspiring too!

  3. an awesome example of reduce, reuse, recycle! and so cute, too : )

  4. Go Green...what can be better than that. The room looks so cute..

  5. This idea is so cute. I sent a picture to my daughter for the grandkids that I hope I will get someday. What fun we would have doing this together.

  6. Hi Patricia,

    Thank you for featuring my wall... and thank you all for the nice comments...


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