Thursday 30 April 2009

Mahua Kothi

Have you been to Bandhavgarh?? I am eternally planning holidays, and as part of this years planning, we have decided to take the kids to Bandhavgarh. I don’t know if I will be staying at the Mahua Kothi as yet, but I liked the interiors of the place so much that I had to post about it even before got there myself! I’ve stayed at a similar looking place during my trip to Kenya. I think it was the Fairmont Masai Mara. I’ll post pics of that place, when I find it. (sorry! this was a random thought!)
The outdoor dining area –
Look at the outdoors, I can imagine myself here for sure –
The place looks so serene and beautiful.
This is how the little tents / cottages look. Go on pamper yourself!

I’d love to sit here with my cup of tea….
And when I’m done.. indulge in this…
I’m sharing this, so all of you can plan a trip to this lovely place. Go ahead and spoil yourselves and dont forget to send me some pics!!


  1. Patricia,

    This place is just heavenly. I love the bedroom with high ceiling.

  2. Hi Patricia,

    Oh my goodness, how jealous am I. Looks so amazing. Once I have sold a few more necklaces maybe I will make it there! Thanks for visiting my blog xxx

  3. That place looks gorgeous! Enjoy!!

  4. lovely place...i like the rusty looking car and carts in between the luxurious set up... it gives an ancient feeling...
    hey since you are located in mumbai, i just wanted to ask you...i am coming to mumbai for month from mid of may to june...however i am looking for a PG to stay near juhu-tara road...can you please suggest me something???

  5. Wow, what an amazing place! Will be adding it to my must-visit list!

  6. the place loooks great! have a wonderful time...

  7. seems to be idyllic... perfect to unwind!

    now on my must visit list! thank you!

  8. Looks like a great place to unwind!

  9. Such a lovely vacation spot! Which part of India is it in?

    Oh, and Pat, check your email. That pic you wanted is there!:)


  10. Oh, this has been on my vacation wishlist for a year now! The taj group is coming up with many more wildlife retreats - each surpasses the other one in decor

  11. Patrica, my husband has been here and to all of the Taj properties in India. Their parent company, Beyond Africa (formally CC Africa) is who we always travel with in Africa. I've been lucky enough to travel with them five times and have loved every second of it.


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