Thursday 16 July 2009

Japanese Doll Maker

Still at the Doll Exhibition... This Japanese doll maker was one of my favourites. His illustrations looked really easy and he could make one doll in about 15 minutes.
These are a few of his dolls on display. The white packet in the background is the clay he uses. He said it was special Japanese clay that did not need any treating. The moisture would make the clay hard / stiff & unbreakable when left exposed for 24 hours.
While I was there.... he was interacting with the kids and showing them how to make this boy -
Working on his hands...
Fixing the hands...
Can you see the little leg (on the table)... and he is working on the second one...
Final touches...
and the little boy was ready to run....
Isn't that so beautiful!!! The Japanese Doll maker made this look so easy, that he has truly inspired me to give it a shot....
Do you make dolls?? I'd love to see some pics!!


  1. I love that little sheikh doll. I want him for my Arabic collection!!:) Send that Jap dollmaker guy to Pune, please!

  2. I liked your blog very much.I appreciate for the beautiful post. You are welcome in my blogs.

  3. beautiful!! Pat, can we know what material they use for sculpting and if at all it needs baking? Just curious....would luv to try my hands at it for fun's sake.

  4. Lovely Patty !!! Love the cute sleeping boy and girl... !! Its great to see so many talented people around us...!!

    This looks like Deco clay - Deco clay also does not need baking... !!!


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