Tuesday 3 November 2009

My kind of cart

This is my favourite picture from the collections of John Dummer. I don't know who this space belongs to...... but I've saved this pic.... hoping that some day I'll have a work space of my own that looks this way!!!

I like the use of 'vendor carts' as part of home decor. I've always fancied having a cart as a dining table or foyer table.

A cart full of flowers in my garden.... *sigh*.... Its time to dream on...


  1. Cool idea Pat.....i think it looks great in large space

  2. wow!!! that looks great!!! never thought something i see outside everyday would look so cool inside !!!!

  3. Looks fantastic... although I have never been good with art.. the idea of sitting there painting away.. sounds wonderful !!!

  4. wow, I love this cart! I will be a wonderful work space!

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