Monday 14 December 2009

Birthday Party

It was pouring here on Friday… and the pool party had to be cancelled. We didn’t have a second plan ready… and didn’t have the time to plan!! We had loads of décor ideas planned for the garden / pool party… but we had to move indoors. So we put up half the decorations almost randomly… Here are a few pics of the flip flop themed party… Lets start with a flip flop balloon….
A few banners..
The kids arrived and we were still putting up the rest of the décor…

Another special birthday banner...
Napkins ... all ready for a meal...
What do you think of the cake...

A closer look...

the muffins... with flip flops on them...
a closer look....
the pinata....
the kids got to take these little tote bags home... and I sure hope they will reuse the bags...
Thank you to my army of elves... without them, the party would not have been possible... We were running out of time.. and hence forgot to click pictures of other hanging decor .... There were some pretty lanters... and other stuff... I've saved the decor for next time...
At the end.... we were exhausted... but the kids had a great time.... Hope you enjoyed seeing the photographs... as much as we enjoyed preparing for the party...


  1. Awesome!!! You planned so much for your little girls birthday. Hats off to a super mom.......

  2. Heavens Pat! You truly are a talented woman! ...and the baker actually played along, and had the patience to ice flip flops on every muffin!!

    The cake looks super! The decorations are fab.

    How did you do the pinata, and the napkins? Handmade or store bought?



  3. What a lucky party girl! That is one of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen...and those little flip flop cakes...and the pinata...Oh boy, I could go on and on!

    Thanks for posting these great pictures and sharing some fabulous party ideas!

    Best wishes, Natasha.

  4. beautiful party, Pesha !! and as always..... Everything was complete to the "T"..... well done !!!

  5. Hi Patricia,
    Loved the whole deal ... did not look like some thing last minute... oh! the details very lovely ... I love people who pay attention to details ... who are deffo on the list ... ;)

  6. @Shalini - Thank you!!

    @Sharon - The idea / design of the cake was mine... and yes!! the lady who baked the cake is awesome... She did a fab job! Specially the muffins.. were exactly what I wanted... so that worked out perfectly!! No time to make anything this time.. so pinata & napkins were all from the stores!! There were more decorations... forgot to click pics.. :-(

    @Natasha - thank you so much..

    @Ana - imagine what the garden would have looked like... but what to do!!

    @Rajee - there were so many decorations that we just could not put up... It was meant to be a garden / pool party... We only saw the indoor venue 1 hour before the party started..

  7. Lovely and wonderful.. it doesn't seem like half done .. nice cakes

    Simone and kids should have had great fun..

    lovely mom..

  8. Wow Pats, beautiful. I especially loved the cupcakes and the tote bags...and ofcourse the balloons, they are super cute. Awesome decor, completely loved the way you planned each element right down to the napkins!

  9. Lovely lovely cake and muffins and ballons and everything else...
    So absolutely lovely Patricia...
    And yes, birthday wishes to Simone...

  10. a grand celebration and a very cute one tooooo

  11. What an amazing lot of detail! Patricia, either you're supremely patient or the perfectionist to beat all perfectionists. Wow! I'm really blown away by all the thought you've put into your daughter's party.
    I dont know why but I had this stupid idea that it never rains in the Middle East... must be all that talk of deserts, etc. Well, now I know ;)

  12. Such a picture perfect party! I'm sure Simone would have been disappointed with rains playing spoil sport, but the decorations don't seem amiss indoors. The napkins, muffins, balloons - everything looks perfect. But the cake just takes the cake! Very well done!

  13. the cakes and balloons were soo cuute..! the whole concept and its execution was wonderful... i can imagine the hardwork which must have gone into the whole arrangement...but the results make it all worth..isnt it..!

  14. Its the best cake deco I've ever seen...wonderful arrangement, doesn't seem like last minute. The muffins, tote bags...evrything's gorgeous! The kids must've had a gr8 time...
    B'day Wishes to Simone!

  15. Sounds and looks like it was a blast!

  16. Lovely totes :) Did you do them by yourself?

  17. iam just seeing this...nice of elves...:) whos the hobbit?

  18. Would you be my mom in my next life and do all this for me Pat?????????

    Wish I could do all this for my kids.

    You are a ssssssssuuuuuuuuuupppppppppeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr mom.

    Mind blowing cake, muffins and I loved those tote bags.

    Wish I could get one too......

    I feel so sorry for not being able to make candles for Simonne.

    Guess will get a chance next time.


  19. WOW........WOW..........WOW is all I can say .....

  20. Absolutely lovely..what a party.Wish I was there :-)

  21. Hey this is awesome!! I love the cake soooo much!! And Gosh your planning, theme was too good!! I wish I had a daughter to do all these pinky decors.....give me some ideas fo my sonny who will be 12 this October!! Something nice and simple...he is a quite and shy boy and my best friend.

  22. Awesome! Lovely decorations and ideas. Kudos to you!


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