Monday 24 October 2011

Giveaway & The Weekly Story ~ wk 54

And so the festivities begin!! Yes, they do!! That's why Shopo and Colours Dekor has a gift for you... More about that in a while....

For now... here is my wish list from the Shopo Diwali Fever!!

I'd like to stick to the lotus theme with these gorgeous cushion covers from Mish Mash Design

And a few more festive cushions from Varnam

Oooohhh... the colours of a peacock.. (with some pink)... from Anek Designs

And more.. peacocks... from Artnlight

Now getting into the Diwali mood with diyas from Alankarik Art and Fanales India

Now... the Weekly Story linky party will continue as normal... *smiles*... so do join in...

Shopo & Colours Dekor will gift three winners one item from their wish list for the value of Rs. 1000. And we promise to ship this to you anywhere in the world...

You have three chances of entering the give away... and here is how...

1st Entry:

a. Do a blog post on your blog with a wish list from Shopo Diwali Fever (any three items). Please link back to Colours Dekor and Shopo. The linky will be open till Sunday ~ 30th October for you to link in your posts with your wish list.

b. If you are a non blogger, please post a comment about your wish list here at Colours Dekor or at the Shopo Facebook page or Colours Dekor facebook page

2nd Entry:

Tweet about the give away and let me know.

3rd Entry:

a. If you like what you see here, follow Colours Dekor ~ the blog or facebook page.

b. If you like what you see at Shopo, follow them on facebook.

Winners will be announced on Monday ~ 31st October .... 
So what are you waiting for, hop on to Shopo and prepare your wish list... 

We are waiting to send you a gorgeous gift... *smiles*

Please grab the Colours Dekor 'The Weekly Story' button!!

Colours Dekor 

~ Patricia


  1. Yay!! Patty that awesome! :) Looking forward to see who wins this!! Oh how much i miss the weekly stories, will try to get back soon :)

  2. Super fabulous giveaway!! Will join in soon.

  3. I love the give away. I have liked ur page and Shappo page on the facebook. I will join again this give away with my entry soon.

  4. Meenakshi sundar24 October 2011 at 09:33

    Gosh wish list goes on..on..
    1.Those accede fashioz jewellery r to die for..
    2.Mish mash designs rajasthani bag & ganesha cushion covers r show stoppers...
    3.Varnams red vilakku& burni tea light holders r eye catchy...
    4.Fushion roots quirky stuffs r some must-haves
    5.Elan chantilly's gift box wld hold my treasures tight...
    & all those rangoli blocks....WOW abundance of goodness !!!Let me be LUCKY GOD!!!

  5. Hi Patty,

    I am not a blogger though, but I am following almost all the Indian Interior Design blogs- my hitlist is Colors Dekor, Raajee Sood, Saffron and Silk, Once upon a teatime.... I have been thinking about blogging and hopefully soon. Yes about the wishlist it goes on and on.... I love most of collections listed- they are a real treat!!!

    I love my home first so most my wish list is to dress up my first love for Diwali...
    1.hand crafted lamp the camel base.
    2.Urli With Diyas orange- the perfect one for Diwlai.
    3.Teal Brocade Cushion Cover- my fav color and the cushion is just the way I wanted.
    4.Kantha Brocade Patchwork Runner- my all time fav handicraft is kantha work.
    5.Dangler strings bird block print from Matsya - love it!!
    6.Single Horse Dangler Black- all the danglers are really cute but I just fell in love with him at first sight!
    from Matsya
    7.Fish 'Chamkari' Leather Hangings- again breathtaking...
    8.Designer Puja Thali (Full set)-pretty.
    9.3"/3" Kolam stool - floral- OMG!!!!
    10.Short and sweet pot- cute..

    I can go on, but these are my best!!

    Thanks patty for announcing such a good giveaway!


  6. wonderful!! i was going to do a post on that this has come more than glad to do it! yippeeee!

  7. Happy Diwali to you and everyone! I love Shopo but cant shop cause they don't deliver in Dubai :(. I keep updating my list in anticipation of my India trip, whenever that happens.

    Well, its really difficult to select just three from them but well here goes-
    1. Lotus Trunk from Art by Aarohi
    2. Lotus Cushions - Combo from Mish Mash Design
    3. Multi purpose, hand painted Terra cotta Mug from FuSION ROOtS
    4. Ripples – Silk Shibori Tissue Sleeves from Umoya

    ok i can go on and on.. but will stop here.

    you ahve a wonderful blog and have you book marked so its one of teh fisrt places i visit every morning, the colors the beauty and the festivity sets the mood for my day. Thanks!

  8. Dear Patty,
    I'm a newbie in Blogging world , already following your blog , hv already liked Ur fan page n Shopo fanpage on Fb.Here's my Wishlist...
    1) I wish to link my latest post showing my DIY-Madhubani Cushion Cover, also my first attempt at fabric Painting.
    2)Peacocks from Artnlight, Fab!!!!
    3)Traditional Festive zari work Cushion covers from Varnam.
    4)Those Beautiful Lotus themed cushion covers from Mish Mash Design, make me drool each time I see them!!
    I am linking my post to ur Weekly Link Party. Plz forgive me for my audacity, I know its nothing compared to the magic you guys create in your DIYs. I'm linking it just as a tribute to you, so inspiring, your creativity can inspire even a rock to be creative!!
    I really wish I could get one of those giveaways. Thanx to You n Shopo for this giveaway,really looking forward to it!!!

  9. Hello patty here is my blogpost on shopo diwali fever
    and I am following shopo on facebook

  10. Hi Patty,
    Have already given my wishlist.
    Can't link back to ur blog though, my blogpost's URL is
    Am already following ur blog as well as fb page, n Shopo's fb page too.

  11. Hi Patricia,

    I am new to blogging but I have been subscribed to your blog for ages! I read it every morning but I've got the courage to link to you only now cos my blog has hardly 3 posts on it :)
    I too was thinking of writing a post on Shopo , so I think I need to hurry up and publish it soon :) I have posted my wishlist on my blog here, have tweeted about the give away and as I mentioned - I already follow your blog too.
    Thank you so much for sharing this opportunity.

  12. Hi Patty,

    I've just blogged about this on Frangipani Decor:

  13. I've tweeted about the giveaway at

  14. I've 'liked' Colours Dekor on FB, too :)

    Happy Diwali!

  15. Oh cool! When I received shopo's diwali email this morning, I was just wishing I was in India today and buying so many goodies.....But you have put the icing on the cake now with this giveaway Patricia!!!!

    I am hope to get something from this. I know its because of you that I purchased some lamps from Varnam!

    I am following you on FB and I also follow shopo on FB as well.

  16. While I love all the stuff on Shopo I'd be thrilled if I could get the Lotuc Cushion cover from Mish Mash Designs. Been on my to-buy list for a while now.

  17. Have been a follower of your ColoursDekor and Shopo for a while now :)

  18. Hi Patricia! There's a link problem coming up with this post. I am unable to link my blog post. Could you please check on this?
    Thanks cheers!

  19. Thank you so much for this fabulous giveaway chance! I love things from India such colours no one has and the lotus pillows are stunning, actually everything is. I'm your follower Patricia and I also placed your botton on my blog announcing your giveaway! Cross my fingers and hope to win! Have a wonderful week. Hugs, FABBY

  20. Hi Patty, just added my link with my wish list.
    I like Shopo on facebook.
    I am a follower on google as well as facebook of Colors Dekor:-)

  21. Patty, I have blogged about giveaway and wishlist on my blog:)

  22. I follow Shopo and and on facebook.

  23. Super, Superb & Awesome :)( nO doubt..i like peacock Tray! how sweet!
    well you know i am a follower, ! i love this!
    & i want to say one thing more...
    winners will be announced at 97th October???? so we will wait until 97th..?? hahaha
    weird but interesting..
    be sure to edit the post a little :)
    have fun & enjoy my dear!

  24. such a pretty collection!
    i follow u on facebook and follow shopo too now!
    and i love the anek design turquoise cushion and the varnam festive ones!

    Richa @ Hobby And More Food Blog

  25. So exciting and thanks Patti. Have linked mine. Happy Diwali to everyone.

  26. Patty,

    This is my seecond entry for the giveaway.

  27. Your choice is fab, Pat. Here's my wish list -

  28. love the blog..following EVERYWHERE...following Shopo and wish to be it's part soon...

    Linked to Linky :)

    Blog Post:


    on your FB Wall too...

    posted about many Giveaways, wish I win this one!...this is exactly DHAMAKA!.... :)

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Beautiful choices Patty!

    So I have :
    1) done a post
    2) tweeted about it here :!/Pooni and followed shopo while i was @ Twitter! :D
    3) already been following you and Shopo on FB

    So now..i will sit patiently and hope for a win! ;) lol

    Other than that..Wish you a very HAPPY DIWALI!!!

  31. Hi dear.
    I linked your colourDekor in my post and joined the give away.
    Thanks in advance.

  32. Hi again,
    First n foremost THANX a lot Patty for visiting my blogpost, really appreciate your generous comment on my effort, you are v kindhearted!
    I've done a post on giveaway"Shoutout..." n linked it here.Have tweeted about it, am already following you both on blogger n fb,hv already liked Shopo's page on fb.
    Have a gr8 diwali! n plz wish me luck for this gvaway!!

  33. Firstly, love your blog. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful giveaway. On my wishlist would be any item from Art n Light :)

  34. What a great Diwali giveaway! The choice is really cool too. I just wrote a post and found my wish list items....but I tell you, I just got sucked into Shopo....there's so much to see!

    PS: already following you :-)

  35. Drooling over those colors:)..nice picks

  36. Am already an old follower of colors dekor ...Following shopo on facebook too....

  37. Hi Patty,

    Just did a post on on my blog and linked that post right here.

    -Neha @al things beautiful...

    PS: Fabulous Giveaway:)

  38. Hey Patty,

    Have been a follower od colours dekor for long....also liking the FB page for CD & Shopo now.


  39. Blogged about this fabulous giveaway!!

  40. Hi Patty,

    I am not a blogger though, but I am a silent reader of Colors dekor.Follower of Shopo also.Your blog is fantastic.Here goes my wishlist...

    1.Lambani Choker from fusion roots
    2.Ghunghroo Neckpiece from fusion roots
    3.Ganesha Inspiration dokhra from fusion roots
    4.Floating Diyas Large from Nirman Creations
    5.Hand crafted terracota camel base lamp
    6.Dangler strings bird from matsya
    7.Single elephant dangler red from matsya
    8.single camel dangler
    9.paper mache bells from fusion roots
    10.huggingwale ganeshji set from masala popsicles

    Love all these :-)....

    Thanks patty for announcing such a good giveaway!


  41. Can I have all the sarees and cushion covers ..can't limit my wish list....this is fabulous!! Just linked in.

  42. Hi,
    A wonderful giveaway. I am non-blogger and would like to send my entry and wishlist for the same. I loved all the beautiful home-decor items at Shopo, particularly the following:
    Hand-painted florista cushion
    Rakhi-silk shibori cushion
    Printed silk cushion cover
    Hand-crafted terracotta lamp
    Siva-sakthi series-Chandra
    Block embroidered top in pink.

    Keeping my fingers crossed & hoping I win,


  43. Already your follower and liked ur facebook page too.

  44. Hi!
    What a fabulous giveaway! I am not a blogger. Here is my wish list-

    1. The hand crafted camel lamp
    2. The twilight hues bangle clutch
    3. huggingwale ganeshji set from masala popsicles
    4. Brocade cushion covers from Varnam

    I can just go on and on and on....just keeping my fingers crossed!


  45. Thank you Patty for organising such a great giveaway!
    I have linked my post.I was foll owing your blog regularly but now I have made it official.

  46. hi,

    first of all, what a lovely giveaway:) i spent a lot of time drooling over the stuff at shopo, here's my wishlist:

    1. Dreamgirl cushion cover from Mish Mash Design
    2. Vintage Rose tray from Artnlight
    3. Blue and white block print curtains from Cannanore:):)

    :):) fingers crossed:)


  47. Dear Patty

    Gorgeous gorgeous giveaway!!!!!!!!!

    At last I have joined the Giveaway party!!!

    I am already ur follower(as u know) and I like your FBpage too.
    I don't have a twitter account, so unable to do that.
    Rest is done.

    Keeping my fingers crossed:)))

  48. yay!!! Thanks Patty for featuring my brocade mats here on your wish list!!! :D

  49. this truly shows the spirit of giving..on a lovely occassion like diwali! Living so far away from home, in South Korea, we try all that we can to keep the spirit alive. Initialtives such asthese, tell us that we arent forgotten! here is my tweet for the lovely cause. I already like shopo on FB.!/SeoulCurry

    Shopo is a great platform of indian items...I am a handmade product designer myself, so i know the love and care that goes into making those fabulous items! here is my wishlist:
    1.Rani Brocade Cushion Cover: Anek
    2.Teal Brocade Cushion Cover: Anek
    3. Cotton Silk Cushion Cover : anek
    4. Fabric Potli Bead Necklace: Anek

    well..what can i say..i simply love anek's work...way to go kanika!

  50. Thanks for this wonderful offer Patty. Though I do not leave comments in every post, I do read each one and feast my eyes!

    I have already submitted the link. Following you and shopo in FB.

  51. Love the idea of this giveaway! Love your blog :) I have added my entry as well. Thanks for the lovely contest.

  52. What a lovely giveaway! Hope this Diwali will bring all you peeps here loads of luck and prosperity :-)
    Patty, here's my list of irresistible stuff from Shopo:
    1. elan charger plate in orange
    2. Athena puffer seat by Sahil and Sarthak
    3. Fishy chopping board by studio a*
    4. Color pencil tray by Workshop Q


  53. Dear Pat,

    For a non blogger & non designer..I find your posts awesome and inspiring. I have written to you already and got an extremely warm note as response from you.

    What joy to participate in the giveaway especially the combo of Colors dekor & Shopo...

    I feel like a child lost while checking out Shopo....Now,for what I am coveting ......

    Elan charger plate in orange/red
    Varnam cushion acqua green/pink khaana cushions
    urli with Diyas Orange
    artnlight trays

    the list is endless and so are desires....

    For me, this is the first time am participating....and thats itself is exciting....

    Wishing you and your team wonderfully happy times ahead

    lots of wishes


  54. Nice post! The decoration it's so lovely I don't know how people do to create designs like those. The art of giving a room the look you want.

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