Wednesday 16 December 2009

Random red & gold

Randomly putting together red & gold... in an IKEA vase to make it look Christmasy.... A little bit of sparkle..

I picked this box in Colombo..... It will soon be filled with chocolates..

Do you like my red box?? Does it look Christmasy?


  1. I am inspired by this eclectic mix of sparkles and red... totally christmasy!!!

    have a merry christmas :)

  2. awesome! i love the sparkling arrangement!

  3. Very Christmasy:)

    My daughter is 6 yrs old and I see tht urs is 7.

    Wishing you happy holidays and a Merry Christmas in advance:)

  4. i loved the sparkle of red and gold..and the bokeh is beautiful...ur 'christmasy' pics cheered me up! :)

    ...and the red box is adorable too...offcourse will be more adorable after it is filled with the chocholates! :)

  5. Very lovely! Love the vase with the sparkle


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