Wednesday 11 September 2013

Meet Knot n Stitch

Meet three women with a dream… three homemakers trying to make a difference to the idea of home décor. 

Read their story at Knot n Stitch and how one dream brought the three of them together to take a huge step to finally give shape to all that they have been planning for so long. 

Over to them :

We are currently into making designer cushion covers and plan to soon make additions to our product range as well as the designs. Knotnstitch is all about bringing together Indian fabrics and also working with handwork styles that add texture, style and elegance to fabrics in particular and finally the home. 

I admire people with a passion.. and a dream... 

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  1. My Favorite one is that nay blue textured pillow! can't take my eyes of it I swear.. So nice !!

    Textures with cushions are always playful ;)
    Jessica x

  2. all are lovely... i love the white the double colored and the blue one.....


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