Wednesday 12 March 2014

Foyer decor

Decorating the foyer is always so much of a hassle... These is space... some space... and so many ideas of things you'd like to do with this space. Does that happen to you?? 

A few simple ways to decorate the foyer :

Paint always works, find a bold colour that suits your personality. Red is warm and welcoming. 

Create a focal point : a table, a mirror are simple ways of doing this

If you aren’t great at putting frames together, even a single piece of artwork can make the foyer look wow. If you have a large frame, try placing it on the floor. 

A mirror also works to create an illusion of extra space. 

If you have the space of overhead lights, suspend a chandelier or Moroccan lamp. Alternatively use a table lamp to bring in some light into the foyer. 

No matter what you keep here, the key is to de-clutter and keep a constant check of things that can easily get accumulated. Have a key holder, place for bags, shoes or anything else you might bring in.

And if you are feeling slightly more adventurous :

Declutter the foyer area. Place a small rug or runner to welcome people into your home. This creates the feeling of openness.

Create an eye-catching display on the wall. Used frames, photos, unused wallpaper, letters, maps, poems, children’s artwork and place them on the wall. 

If you have a dark walk or a red wall, a group of ornamental mirrors, or a group of candle holders on the wall creates a beautiful feel to the entrance way. 

If you have extra space in the foyer, create a little nook, with a table and a chair or even just a chair (with a pile of suitcases or a pile of books) to give it a cozier feel. 

Use colourful fabric on the chair, for the instant electric feel. 

Using a ladder to display fabrics or a large artwork on the floor or even a large lamp, creates the oomph and makes your foyer area stand out from anywhere else.

And finally tell me, what you think of my foyer area ... 


  1. Like the use of colors in your foyer! I am sure I have said this before and I'd re-state that I am in love with that 'jhoola' of yours!! And the latest addition of my favs in your house has to be this golden bell. It's beautiful.

    Patricia, are we not having the weekly party any more? I had been away from action since the last few months and might have missed the post, if you talked about it.

  2. Lovely post Patty. Love that jhoola and the beautiful bell :)

  3. Very nice! Sent comments also on your light arrangement.

  4. Patricia, I love your foyer. And the way you have it styled. Both of it. With mirror and with Ganesha. Even I have mentioned it that I love your jhoola...:-).

  5. Love the colours you have used Patty!As Tanya said its been a long time since we had a weekly party.

  6. Loved your foyer. The green the blue add such a nice pop of color. And great tips :)

  7. Love the furniture..most of all the swing:)


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