Friday 18 July 2014

My Home, My Magic ~ Kunjan

There is something about home tours that is simply magical.. and when it belongs to a co-blogger, its even more mystical... I admire the colours in this home.. and can gaurantee you'll love it too.. 

Kunjan blogs at An Affair with Color, and her home truly stands up to the blog name *smiles*

A little about Kunjan ... 

I grew up in Delhi, India and till recently was a recruiter in India. Colors have always been an integral part of my life. Earlier they used to dominate my sense of personal style and now my home :). Both reflect my love for color and decor! When I moved to the US to start my life anew with my husband right after our wedding, I was super excited about setting up my first home and filling it up with all things bright and beautiful.
I live in a single family home with the living, dining and the kitchen on the ground level and the bedrooms on the upper level. I get a perfect view of the hustle bustle on the street on one side and a beautiful backyard on the other side. Plenty of natural light :).

Nakul (my husband) and I share a love for colors, so that is the first thing you will notice as soon as you enter our place. I like to mix ethnic and modern, prints and colors, textures and patterns!! So you will see my Indian roots and my bohemian love at the same time. I try and hunt for pieces I can fall in love with and don't mind hitting up flea markets, antique and thrift stores. Everything in my home has a story behind it and it all matters :). From our couch which took 3 months for us to agree on, to the Tiffany shelf we fell in love with at first sight...
I believe the living area sets the tone for the entire house. The ambience we create in the living room is a projection of our own selves to the people we are hosting. Accordingly, I want it to be fun yet warm and inviting. I also want our home to tell our story and give people a peek into our lives... I want our pictures and accessories to be conversation starters... Finally, I want my living area and my home to be and feel like a happy place.

More posts from her home to follow... but if you like what you see, hop over to An Affair With Color


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