Friday 10 April 2009

Number Tag

I was thrilled to be tagged by D’s blog. When I read her post, the tag looked really easy… but when I got started, I realised the numbers 1 to 10 had so much to say…

1 Sun that shines and makes our every day bright & beautiful…
I appreciate him the most!!
I used to sing this song to my brother –
Chanda hai tu… mera suraj hai tu…
(which roughly translates to, ‘you are my sunshine, you are my moonlight')
So this is for you…
My no. 1 bro!! Sav!

2 daughters who brighten my life...

3 brothers who continue to give me sleepless nights!

4 blogs that keep me inspired!!

5 Handbag essentials (for me) – lip gloss, perfume, measuring tape (just incase I find a good piece of furniture), handbook (to write down the measurements), wallet (to pay for the furniture)

6 skills I’d like to learn over the next few years – photography, law degree, pottery, baking, basic sewing and learn French

7 hours I spend at work… working!!

8 years of bliss – since my husband and I tied the knot! (Ever wonder why they call marriage that? A knot?!)

9 friends I can count on today… My mommy, Rose, Jina, Sai, Sunil, Karishma, Sally, Anamika, Alex

10 mins at night… I spend saying ‘Thank You’

In return I’d like to know my new blogger friends better and tag ‘YOU’ Aditi , Annette , Aswathy

DoodleDuck , Lakshmi , Nikita

Rose , Sampoorna, Shalini , Sharon

Its actually an invitation to anyone who reads this tag, go ahead and play with the numbers... its fun!! And let me know.. so I can read your post.


  1. Lol, very nice! I see that you've tagged me :-) Hmmm, will have to think of what I can come up with. BTW, how did you get the text onto the photos?

  2. Lovely Patricia.I loved all your 10 numbers and how beautifully you put it across to the readers.Most of us will have something in common.Anyway thanks for tagging me and accepting me your friend dear.

  3. Thanx for tagging me, Pat!! BTW, loved ur tag points.....quite well expressed!!!

  4. I knew you'd do in style, just like you have :)
    And I'm glad you did this tag because it's told me so much about you.

    By the way, photography skilss and law degree are also on my list of must-haves.

  5. ohhh Pats... that is sooo beautiful!! u're FAB!!!

  6. As if I haven't told you enough already - I love it :)

  7. Interesting tag and nicely done.

    Hi ..this is Diana from Expressions of Life

  8. Patricia, I am working on it! thanks!

  9. Hey Patti,
    i was reading this and thinking "wow! she has said so much so beautifully in so little words" is a wonderful post and the getting to you is the bonus :)
    i was also pleasantly surprised to see that you have tagged me . thanks . will post soon

    PS:Hope you had a good Easter !

  10. We should all spend 10 minutes every night saying thank you for what we have. Nice post!

  11. Wow, my first time blog tag:) I'll enjoy doing this post:)

    Thanks Patricia!

  12. Hi Patricia,

    Sorry I haven't been around. Busy with moving and now trying to find employment. :-(


  13. I so much loved your top ten list Patricia, its fun....

  14. What a great post. I love how you put it together and such neat things. #6 was particularly cool to me.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today and the sweet comments! I enjoyed your 5 favorites about being a mom... So sweet.

    Have a good weekend!

  15. Very nice Patricia. I enjoyed reading that!

  16. Patricia, check The Keybunch for my numbers tag:)


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