Sunday 11 October 2009

Table for two

A simple setting for a romantic outdoor dinner for two......
I have no words to express how beautiful this is....
I was in love...... are you??


  1. Wonderful images! Like a dream

  2. pretty the violet bougainvilleas

  3. Wow, simply romantic, loved it - Pat

  4. Wow..had never seen bougainvilleas look so very pretty

  5. Hi Patricia! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Wow, I'm impressed with yours!! Love the same things you like! Colours, decorating, travelling and photography... just starting to learn!
    About the translator: I'm new in blogging, I've been trying to upload one, but I couldn't find how to do it! Do you know how to? Would you mind telling me how to do it? I would really appreciate if you write me (or anyone reading this comment!) My e-mail is
    Thank you so much! I'm becoming a new follower of your blogs!

  6. love it...yes, sooo in love! it reminds me of bahrain...the bougainvillae, water,boat! :)

    awesome inspiration...u know we never think of bougainvillae as table decor..yet, it makes for a stunning center piece! and there's so much of it all over in india....brilliant!

  7. I love it too!!
    Great blog and amazing inspirations Patricia. Lovely pictures and a perfect eye I must say!


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