Sunday 25 October 2009

Wall art Madhya Pradesh

India is abundant in art & craft. Traces of art & paintings are found at every corner and every little village in India. People in the smallest to the busiest cities are busy finding a way to decorate their homes or express themselves through the medium of art. I'm always on the look out for wall paintings. Here I feature folk wall paintings of Madhya Pradesh. I don't know what these are called... but they are found mostly on the outside of homes & courtyards. A closer look... Can you spot the below bird in the first picture.
These are pictures from inside a hotel in Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh. I'd love to try and paint one of these.


  1. I'd done a few of those kind of paintings during the school days. It's fun and was always great to hear the words of appreciation from my teacher! Beautiful photos!

    - Pixellicious Photos

  2. What lovely wall art.. I have seen and painted many a walls with warli tribal style paintings.. This would look amazing on a balcony wall no?? Thanks for sharing.. I'll try it on hand made paper. Might be a good gift idea :)

  3. Hey
    I have just started painting a tree on my balcony wall in a small corner so that if doesnt turn out well i can well.. be forgiven for spoiling the wall.
    anyways,that apart this painting is really superb is it called the gond style of painting??

  4. lovely tree...i had tried one on a a terracotta colored balcony wall..with white paint..came out decent...

  5. wow wow wow. such a lovely style, and the colours...! stunning...

  6. ooh wow patty. this will look nice in one of my walls in my new home. but guess the owner will simply throw me out if i touched their walls :(. :D

  7. oh! That is gorgeous!!
    Glad you posted this :)


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