Wednesday 24 February 2010

Glamor girl party...

Lorena (my friend Manal's little one), had a glamor girl party... and I made this card for her. Yes!! learing photoshop! Tell me how I can improve the card... Thanks to google, images is easy to obtain... its just puting them together....
I totally love the little favor bags my friend put together....
All set to pamper the little girls...
Loved the little mirror, the nail thingy for a manicure... (I dont know what its called) & all the other sweets...
Specially this one... that reads-
Girls just want to have FUN!!

Did you like it???


  1. Very glam party, I bet she enjoyed it.

  2. This is so adorable. Love the gift bag.
    As for the card, since everything is in pastel shades, change the color of the star to a pastel pink (the one that has 8 in it) the rest is perfect.

  3. hey this party seems to be exciting... u people rock

  4. OMG! I cant believe little girls can be soo glam too :) Wow! I am completely excited to see such things :)

  5. Awesome idea! Do you want to add a little bit of glitter to up the glam quotient on the card?

  6. Wow! Such a cute theme...may be these lil girls could teach me a thing or two ;) Your card about adding some shimmery confetti to it!

  7. Hey Patricia

    Misd all my blogger friends' posts...will come back to read in detail. But for now

    You are being tagged
    Chk here

  8. lovely idea..! made me feel ~ i wish i was a little girl invited to this party..! :)

  9. Hmmm glam girl party! Sounds fun:)
    The card is cute... I love working in pshop too and illustrator:)


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