Saturday 6 February 2010

Lets go Green - Glass not plastic

Hope you liked my Go Green article last month. I'm hoping to go green every month... *wink*

One very common way of reducing or eliminating your plastic usage, is by using glass. Yes!! Use glass… whenever possible. Buy products that are sold in glass, eg. Milk or juices – buy them in glass containers. In this way, the manufacturers will be forced to sell in glass and plastic companies will be required to manufacture only biodegradable plastic. Or atleast I hope so!!

I am totally in love with glass … aren’t you?


Here are a few simple tips to use glass –

1. Don't buy beverages bottles in plastic. Glass containers are just perfect and can be reused.
2. Do you get a coffee to work? I do sometimes… Carry your own reusable flask or stainless steel coffee mugs. All drink lids & linings are plastic, which will live on for over a 100 years. Yes!! Be proud of carrying your own reusable mugs.
3. Your leftover can be stored in fashionable glass containers.
4. Purchase consumables that are bottled in glass. Clean it & reuse it. (eg. Jam, peanut butter, maple syrup)
5. Use perfume or deodorants (roll ons) sold in glass bottles.
6. Don’t use plastic cutting boards… the glass or wood ones are lovely!!
7. Use baby bottles made of glass – why use plastic?


  1. lovely article..i love collecting glass jars / bottles...there are times when i have been guilty of buying jams/ preserves etc only because i loved the glass jar it came very badly ;)

  2. I love glass too...most of my items are stored in glass. My mom used to tell me store food items only in glass as plastics can affect the food...maybe it can get contaminated. Since then I use mostly glass. And another thing, whenever I buy bottles/jars after use I paint on it and keep it in different rooms just for the sake of fun.

    Hey Pat, Do visit
    Go Green is the theme of the post:)

  3. hey Patricia
    We may have to take care of another point here...choose bottles with metal/tin lids rather than plastic lids...trying to set your own curd at home to avoid one extra plastic container coming into your house...its like managing non green things at source:)

  4. Patricia, wonderful tips. I am guilty of owing a plastic cutting board. I have been meaning to chuck it and buy a lovely wooden one I have been eying:) is the time!


  5. Patty, so good to back here. Love the look and feel of colours dekor. and yes, I am all for glass too. and coloured glass brightens up corners beautifully!

  6. Oh I luv glass too ... simple and very useful tips there :)
    Luved the pic that u hv shared :)

  7. Great tips, especially not buying water!!

  8. gr8 pat...creating such awareness through the posts is a more effective way

  9. Sure, the manufacturers should be forced to sell in biodegradable packaging. Great article Patricia, specially when these days, plastic has become such an integral part of our daily lives. Go to a shopping Mall and you'll see so many people walking out with more than a dozen plastic bags...

  10. Thanks for the tips. Heartening to see more and more people taking up the cause of eco friendly lifestyles.

  11. Great post. Glad I found you!

  12. Exactly! I couldn't agree with you more.

    Thx for visiting LiveYourStyle, glad you like it:)

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