Friday 6 January 2012

Blog find ~ ourlens360degrees

I'd like to introduce you to Lakshmi & Krishna ... and their amazing blog 'our lens 360 degrees'.. The blog is about their yeas together, their passion for food, travel, photography and random interests. And they share these moments via their blog... So hop on and visit them...

Here are a few posts... that stole my heart.. *smiles*

Dandelion Wall Art... What do you think?

Oh.. and this recipe.... ~ Stuffed Capsicum...

A road trip to Milky Frozen Falls... Wow!!

Randomness.... Sunrise over the Atlantic..

Hop on to their blog... and simply fall in love with all their posts... *smiles*


  1. Love the Orange-Red combo..!!
    Looks so good..

    And Pic of Niagara Falls..! Wow..

  2. Delicious stuffed capsicum n freezed waterfalls are amazingggg n sun over atlantics is splendid patty thanks for sharing such a lovely blog with us :)

  3. The sunrise stole my heart! What a lovely painting it would make, Pat thanks for sharing this lovely blog.. enjoyed it a lot!

  4. Frozen waterfalls wowed me :) off to check out their blog :)

  5. Wow, this is great. The capsicum too looks good.:-)

  6. These are wonderful! I like that wall decor. I'm off to their lovely blog! Wall Stickers


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