Saturday 14 July 2012

Invitation ~ Art Exhibition, Germany

Art Exhibition in Germany!! 

Fremdeblicke team is currently hosting another Vernissage, the 53rd in the Fremdeblicke series, showcasing a group of Indian Artists.

Hop on to the blog for more details... and watch out for individual artist reviews as well.. 

This exhibition will make a sincere trial to compile India in to the evening.

So if in Germany, do visit... *smiles*

The blog is  - (some pages are still under progress)
Facebook : :


  1. congratulations to Sunayana and glad you are helping a budding artist by speaking about the exhibit on your lovely blog

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  3. Thankyou so much Patty ! I am glad that I know so many wonderful people. hugs Sunayana

  4. I saw Sarita's site and am blown away by her talent. I am yet to take a look at other desi artists' sites. The diversity of mediums used by Sarita is just amazing. One of her abstract paintings (bicycles with blue background) is actually hung on my doctor's office wall! My doctor is Russian. I was just in shock when I saw that painting on her site and it hit me right away that I have seen that painting before!


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