Monday 30 July 2012

The Weekly Story ~ wk 88

Hello my lovelies!! Have you been waiting for  Monday? .... as much as I have *smiles*... Well... the most exciting topic for me.... is 'walls'.. So I've been waiting for Monday to show you some walls in my old home and my new home... and to tell you how I think, a coloured wall is such an important part of our homes..  

Paint is the most amazing tool at the disposal of any amateur decorator, as there is nothing else on Home Decor Heaven that can create as much sensation as a fresh coat of paint. Go with your heart and the mood that you choose for your room - it could be bold (reds or blacks)  soft and serene (pastel shades) or warm and powerful (oranges and yellows) - colour is meant to be enjoyed. And don't worry even if you have time enough to only paint one wall at a time… even a two toned wall can be a blessing and a great conversation piece!

A pop of colour on a single accent wall can freshen up the area and even make it look bigger and brighter. Think about the colours that elicit emotions – light blue is soothing, so good for a baby room, while red and orange are energizing and perfect for fitness rooms, yellow is bright and cheerful, perhaps a good fit for the foyer.. Pick colours that compliment existing décor and you’ll have an instant winner.

incomplete wall in my dining area

Painting the complete room, a single wall or even stencilling a wall yourself is the most economical way to give a room a new, refreshed look.  And if you think you aren't the painting type (though from experience, doing it with friends and loved ones is always tons of fun), then do explore the wallpaper option. This is easy, hassle free and also adds a lot of character to a wall. Wallpapering also offers a wide variety of colours, styles and themes to chose from. 

My incomplete living room wall... and this teal bedroom wall will have a makeover in August... Watch this space for more.. *smiles*.. And email if you have any ideas to share!!

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  1. :) Love the painted walls. We live in a rental space and don't have the liberty to paint walls. But I make up for it by using brighter accents.

  2. love your bedroom Patty. beautiful colour combination. share some pics soon when its ready.

  3. Loved the look and feel of your blog :) It spelt one word for me "Happiness" & that's going to keep me coming back for more I am sure ;)

  4. Luved the orange wall with Ganesha hanging ,and the blue colour looks so soothing,,l

  5. beautiful painted walls !!! ganesh corner is so lovely

  6. Loved the fourth image!and pretty painted wall,the one with the peacock!

  7. Love, love the wall Patty!! Beautiful

  8. Wow - I really like what you've penned down. And your teal bedroom wall looks fabulous as it is - no makeover required. I tried a olive green wall in my bedroom - failed miserably. Have to redo when we paint the house.

    I write for an online Gifting Site - some really quirky home decor items there. Drop by for a read.

    The GoGifts Blog


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