Wednesday 29 January 2014

My Home, My Haven ~ Alka

Well the year has started with a bang... with some stunning homes from around the world.. Today, we go to Alka's home in Bangalore... an absolutely stunning and shocking home... Shocking... coz I never imagined white could be so beautiful... 

 I am Alka Murdeshwar, a homemaker working voluntarily for an NGO based in Bangalore.  We bought this apartment three years ago, and designing it was one of the most fulfilling tasks in my life. The d├ęcor was worked around the different artifacts we had picked up over the years during our travels in India and abroad,  I deliberately chose white and dull yellows to give the expanse of space, and create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

What you see here is the Cocktail cabinet and mirror picked up from Fabindia.  At the far end left, the painting of the Afghan girl who went missing and was rescued after 17 years, is one painted by my niece.

The formal living room with artifacts from Kenya and Sri Lanka co-exist amicably with desi fabindia buys.

Finally of our breakfast counter, we got the kitchen wall knocked off to create this, and I love the open feel my kitchen has, I feel connected to the rest of the home while cooking!

Last, but not the least...  the dining nook which is housed on the shorter side of the L shaped room.

Have  you seen a home as gorgeous as this??

Well... if you've got a home to show me.. email me on Im waiting to see your home.. *smiles*


  1. Trust you to feature such beautiful homes, Pat.
    Alka: you've reassured my faith in the white canvas. Loved the stone cladding in the foyer and the kitchen.

  2. its indeed a beautiful place !!

  3. White is beautiful and I love Alka's home....

  4. Beautiful place indeed to dwell in Alka. Loved the artifacts and the colour of the interiors. Seems like a great work done. I was reading blogs when I came across this one. It explains how fragrances can have an effect on your mood. It says when you enter a home, it should be welcoming and nothing is more welcoming than a beautiful aroma that freshens up your mood. Try some good natural or floral fragrances for your home and feel the difference. :)

  5. Beautiful home.The somber yet elegant look is impressive. The pastel shades, artifacts & light have been used to create a vibrant, warm and welcome space. Congratulations to the person who created this !

  6. Beautiful Home ! The somber yet elegant look is appealing. The pastel tone, carefully handpicked artifacts and use of light brings out a vibrant hue. It reflects a warm space that resonates 'this is home' ! . Many congratulations to the one who created this.

  7. Thank you all for the wonderful comments, words of encouragement and appreciation.

  8. This is such a "out of the world" home! so tastefully decorated which gives u so much peace just looking at it. This is such a beautiful place to be with beautiful people in it! love it!

  9. This is such an 'out of the world" place! So tastefully decorated that it give one so much peace by just looking at the pictures......A very very beautiful home with beautiful people in it........Love it! love it!!!!!

  10. Thank you so much Aparna for your sweet comments. You must now plan a trip to Bangalore and visit my home! I have made lots of changes (for the better I hope!) and brought in a lot of color since the time this photo shoot was done...Will share the pictures soon!

  11. Such a fabulous home you've got there Alka! The way you've done it up shows your great taste. Your home spells elegance and warmth!

    1. Thank you so much Angeline! It as indeed a lovely experience putting this home together to make it look the way it looks now!


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