Friday 6 June 2014

Art on your wall

Taking you to the home of Sonam Srivastava who blogs at Designing Life ...

Over to Sonam...

"I completely love these two walls at home.
The one with chandelier focuses on the paintings done by me and Gaurav (my husband) (he did his paintings when in std 7th & 8th in school!!). So his older paintings are my treasure! Paintings by me is mostly done in recent years when I came to California. And since I continue  painting more and more, we planned to make this wall like an Art Gallery, whatever new I paint will be here.
Second favorite wall has my favorite piece of furniture, my Antique Chest! I decorated  the top of the chest and the wall behind keeping a theme in mind (I keep changing some of the stuffs on top)..the Ganesha painting is done by me, the lamp is from Gaurav's bachelorhood (which made me realize his good taste in home decor *smiles*), our cartoon we got done on the street of New York, Eiffel Tower we got right under real Tower in Paris, a hand made ceramic kettle by one of my Pottery Studio friend, little blue scooter again from NY streets, flowers from my backyard ... this is the most 'non-contemporary' wall in our home!"

I love to see collages on the wall... Its interesting, and intriguing.. the different elements that come together to make the wall look stunning!! 

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  1. i like the candle like lights on the chandelier fairy tale-ish :)

  2. Beautiful interior decoration!

  3. Loved both the walls,the kettle and the chest


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