Wednesday 4 June 2014

Comic Strip Wall

Lets focus on walls for June. I love this topic *smiles*...

This comic strip wall from Anjum's home was featured earlier as well.

Anjum says ~

Here we wanted to do something different on the wall, something other than just painting. The idea began with old newspapers, then old advertisements and then one day I said hey, why don't we use my C&H books and make a comic strip wall. I'd read the books a million times over!!
Do you have a wall that you can talk about? We'd love to see what you've done to your walls. Email me on


  1. its called creative mind... something out nothing...

  2. Awesome.. and that too C&H !!

  3. Looks great, very creative and also a good idea! From wall decals

  4. Fantastic idea! I love C&H too!! And don't you just love the blue table cloth? :)


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