Monday 25 August 2014

DIY Tray makeover

Sometime ago, I stumbled upon a blog called Weekend Tweeks, and was intrigued by its name and wanted to see what was going to be on here!!

Anyway, so todays makeover is by Reshma from Weekend Tweeks. For a more detailed post on this makeover, hopon to her blog

This is what this tray looked like...

With a little bit of paint...

simple decoupage technique and modpodge.. 

Viola.. !! a brand new tray... 

Now here is another Pink DIY makeover

If you like what you see, hop on to Weekend Tweeks.. 


  1. Hi Patty,
    I think DIY tray makeover is the latest trending updo. I loved loved the tray made by Reshma. Beautiful!
    Sorry about broadcasting here - but I am very excited to share something similar that I happened to do too... :)
    I love how simple this project is and yet how beautiful the end product can be!
    Infact I made 2 of these :)


  2. Hi Patty, I am honored to be mentioned on your blog. Thank you so much.


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