Monday 15 September 2014

The Garden Center

The Dubai Garden Centre has a little coffee shop, where ever so often you will find me wasting my time with a cup of tea, cake and a book.. 

My girls love the bookshop there... so its a good place for all of us *smiles*

Can you see the milk can .. used as table decor .. 

Now this was in the as is, slightly damaged section of the Garden center. Isn't this just lovely.. 

The selection of plants, ferns, succulents, garden decor and furniture simply has my heart. 

Now.. more importantly, they have a selection of Buddhas... *sigh*

Indeed.. all these and so much more..

Have you been to the Garden Center? Is there a store near you like this one? Send me some inspirations on


  1. wow! I have been going all around town in B'lore over the past few weeks looking for Buddhas either in brass or stone. This selection is lovely. Is it part of the Home Center or a separate store?

  2. Beautiful all the Buddhas. I love spending time in the garden centers and I have to stop each time my self when I pass nursery or garden center...otherwise we go bankrupt :)


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