Friday 19 September 2014

Beautifying a room

Truly it doesn't take much to make a home look beautiful...

Now.. this is how my room looked.. 

All it needed is a little thought.. 

Stopped listening to my daughters, and removed all the multi-coloured cushions...

Components for quick room makeover :
* add in a few cushions, colour co-ordinate them
* add some mood lighting around the room (specially in corners)
* my favourite, surely add some fairy lights
* de-clutter, clean up, clear up!! That makes the room look awesome.

Anu got me these new cushions... aren't they simply gorgeous!! 

So finally... this is how the room looks.. 

The walls are still a bit bare...But that will take some time to populate.. *smiles*


  1. Simple ways... but works wonders :-) I live inside a clutter but feel inspired now to clean and arrange my space now..

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  2. This is simply gorgeous! Simple things can transform one's space. And lovely cushions :)


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