Monday 22 September 2014

Bedroom makeover

I'm not one that has a fancy bedroom, but Im showing off today, coz I got myself a new set of curtains. Yay!! 

And... what I've done is, I've used the sheer on the outside and the plain colour on the inside for protection from excessive sunlight getting into this room.

The outcome of this experiment was simply fabulous. The curtains are closed most of the time, which means the pretty sheer isn't hidden and is visible for those who walk into the room. 

The bed-cover, is inspired by my boho daughter, as bright as it can be... 

The painting on the wall, was a Christmas gift from my sister in law... Her friend is an artist. You can see some of her work at Artystik 

Spot the Madhubala cushion... My hubby's favourite actress.. (mine as well)... lies on a corner of the bed.. LOL

Now just to show you... what I mean.. This is how bright and lively this green is.. 

Now tell me what you think..

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