Wednesday 22 October 2014

Fairy Lights

Decorating with fairy lights is my favourite.. 

You can put fairy lights in anything and it will look spectacular.. 

Definitely also makes for gorgeous backgrounds.. 

a fairy light in a cage... 

or in a lamp.. or lantern... 

You certainly don't need anything else.. if you have fairy lights.. I totally love the refections on the floor.. 

Do you have fairy lights at home?? Share some images.. 


  1. Wonderful light decorations.I just like it collections.Thank you for revealing.Zarah from Bizbilla

  2. Superb light decorations, I will surely adopt this in my new house. on I read about wall color combinations with the room, so I am planning to do a research and will discover an unique combination of these lights suggested by you with my room color combination including Vaastu in it. I will share a photograph of my new room very soon. Thanks for these tips :)



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