Sunday 26 October 2014

Sparkle time

Here is how my centre table was sparkling... I simply couldn't find anything nice to put on my table, so here is what I did... 

Oh.. and at the end of the day... Ramya made us some mini faloodas.. *happiness*

My cousin Ashwin... put the below rangoli together.. 
(remember I said.. I wasn't very well prepared)

And some more beauties around the house.. 

Oh.. and this is my new find.. *smiles*

and the sounds and smell of the festivities lingers at our homes... for a while... *smiles*

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  1. Ah, so pretty! Reminds me of the way we lit up the house last Diwali. We put candles and lights in all corners. You can see some pics of the Diwali decor here..

    This year, we just put a string of lights at the window. No special decorations, courtesy the new house that has barely been set up. Anyway, I've been using your blog for decor ideas. So, thank you for all the home tours you do!


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