Monday 24 November 2014

one more Diwali post

I promise this is the last Diwali post... I know.. I know.. I know its been nearly a month since Diwali, but I've still been celebrating it here.. *smiles*.. And I know you've enjoyed them as much as I have.. 

And now over to Supriya

'I am “Solution Architect in telecommunication domain”, a thorough technical person who was totally unaware about your world, till we renovated our old apartment in 2012.
While surfing on the net for some tips on Home D├ęcor, I found myself in an entire enchanting world. I simply could not believe that such amount of creativity is available right there with a single click on my lappy.
And soon I became addicted to this world, at times it is like I am living two different lives, one total technical working, reading on “Tele-management” forums,  while the other one exploring everything beautiful & creative.'

I am very fascinated with Urli decorations, and tried my hands on it, you can see a transition in my efforts. So this year as well, I wanted something very different. 
Also, I learned few tips of decorating table space from all the blogs that I follow

This year’s inspiration came from “Good Home’s Red Alert” issue, hence tried to stick with red colour. You guys have turned me into a collector and thankfully my job profile allows me some amount of travel, so I have picked the items in my decoration from various places.


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