Friday 13 March 2015

Rangoon Tea House 2

The Rangoon Tea House is located at Lower Middle block of Pansodan St between Mahabandoola and Merchant Street in Myanmar... Looking at the building, you would never image that something so beautiful and stunning awaits you!! 

This is how the interiors look... 

giving you a feeling of the old... blended in with the new.. 

The Drinks menu... with chais in all shapes and sizes.. 

Table decor.. 

What's interesting is a few shelves full of old antique stuff.. 

Some stuff on these shelves is also for sale.. 

Remember I told you about these windows in my earlier post... Here is the window display! 

See the rain drum also used as a center table.. 

This is curd in clay pots.. 

And their table decor is simply cute.. 

So tell me what you think of this little pretty decor at Rangoon Tea House.. 


  1. such a charming place ! i love the terracota cups, and the bus in the window sill ! the drum table is such a nice idea.

  2. Loved the way they have decorate the place


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