Friday 27 March 2015

Wooden Cart

When I was in Burma I saw these gorgeous wooden carts in a little village that we went to... 

And my heart was set on bringing one back home.... with the endless possibilities of how gorgeous it would look in my garden.. 

or if I could use the wheels somewhere.. Would you use it?

So when I came back, I googled to check if these carts were used in home decor.. and here is what I found.. 

Image Source

I like how this one is painted.. 

Image Source

Now that looks lovely... 

Wooden Carts Source
This is cute as a book shelf or side table.. But I've seen these before.. 

from Pinterest

Look how these are used as lamps... Wow!!

Wheel Source

How would you utilise this in your home?? Any ideas?


  1. just beautifull...
    jst awsm...
    keep blogging such a beautiful things like this...


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