Tuesday 21 April 2015

RAK Hilton Resort & Spa

Have you seen the Baggout list of Top 12 Socially Active Interior design Blogs? Yay!! I'm no 3 on the list.

What this really means... is that... someone has motivated me to get back to blogging and stop being lazy!!

I do enjoy blogging, but I simply can't seem to find the time to click photographs, edit them, post them, and the list goes on... More importantly, I can't find some to visit co-bloggers and check on blogs I love..

Anyway.. I'll stop complaining for now, and blog as often as I can!! Simply.. coz I'm not motivated to do so again!!

I know I've written about Ras Al Khaima Hilton Resort & Spa before... It is truly one of our favourite get aways from Dubai. This time around, we stayed at a sea view room, with easy access to the pool & beach. 

The image above had carpets hanging on the wall.. impressive isn't it?

We spent the night outdoors counting starts and listening to the waves.. The girls are truly growing up faster than I like or rather faster than I can understand.. So I'm desperately trying to hold on to time, and make the most of every moment... 

Moving on.. I do love the interiors of the rooms & the hotel in general.. one of my favourite are the tiles in the bathroom.. Don't you simply love pretty tiles!! 

Thats all from me now.. I promise to be a regular at my blog.. *smiles*


  1. Oh Patricia, was waiting for your post. CONGRATULATIONS.. love your blog.. Please continue blogging, your choice of places, the decor and pictures are amazing. Hope you had a great time at RAK Hilton!!


  2. Congratulations and keep blogging.

  3. Carpets as wall decor...brilliant!

  4. Glad to know you will be blogging regularly even I had stopped because of the poems ,but now trying to get back

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