Friday 24 April 2015

The Yellow Wall at Manjulas

The Craft Safari introduced me to Manjula and her stunning home.

Manjula is a homemaker and a mother of two, passionate about recycling old unwanted things and making something beautiful and useful out of it. She enjoys DIYs and crafts and her home is a reflection of her personality for sure.

Check her facebook page : My Art at Home Studio
and she has recently started blogging at My Art @ home Studio

So, grab a cup of chai and welcome....

The below nameplate is terracotta work done by Manjula herself.

The yellow wall is what attracted me to her home in the first place. 

The warli has been done by Manjula as well. 

Now you must agree... this is stunning!! The warli work has mirrors stuck on it which gives it the much needed glamour!! 

The wooden frame and shelves on this wall are made of broken dining room chairs which is now decorated with warli motifs. The red painting is her creative outburst with dokra work in the center surrounded by madhubani. 

On the left hand of the main entrance door, Manjula as painted a small wall which forms part of her open kitchen. 

This wall has an artform called Bheenth Chitra, topped up with mirrors. This is a tribal art form done by the tribes from Gurjat and Rajesthan. 

Lasly above is her lippan work. This is an art form from Kutch, which is generally used to decorate exterior walls of the local homes.

Don't you want more?? I do!! 


  1. Cute wall arts & decoration :)

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  2. Loving the whole setting. I want those little drawers.

  3. I loved it! Her home is a piece of art in itself and she is an amazing artist. What an amazing way to keep in touch with the old Indian art forms and pass it on to everyone.


  4. These are lovely decorations at her home...I loved each and every piece of art in here...

    BTW..your blog is also very nice...been following for sometime now :) Good collection of art and creativity!

  5. Nice and innovative I am in love with that yellow wall

  6. Wow!! your collections and their abbreviation are awesome. I like it very much.

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